Question about practices..

I've never been to a practice session at Mosaic during the week in season, but i want to start going (especially this year to see how clermont and co do). My question is: How do you get into practices? Does it cost any money? Do you just walk in? Can you actually watch their practices?

Thanks Guys (and Girls).

I believe Austin goes regularly. Austin, would be so kind as to give this good friend some direction?

I am certain that it is free .certain that you can watch their practices and pretty certain that you just walk in. I believe the practice schedules for the week are posted on at the beginning of the week.

It doesn't cost any money. You walk in the northwest corner between sections 9 and 11 and you can just walk into the stands from there. Hope that helps. It is actually pretty cool, you hear almost everything, you get a chance to see guys sense of humor and just a different perspective you get from game day.