Question about playoff crossovers

Originally the playoff crossover rule was brought in because there were 5 teams in the west and 4 in the east and the west teams often ended up with better records. Due to pressure from western teams with better records not making the playoffs they changed the format.

Question, with each division having 4 teams what is the need to have a crossover? The divisions are balanced now, so we should not even have a crossover.

anybody agree?

I always thought that if the fourth place team in a division had a better record than the third place team in the other division, then the crossover rule would apply allowing the 6 best teams to make the playoffs. In a balanced east-west divisional set-up that we have this year, it may be difficult to have this type of cross-over format, but not entirely out of the question.

If for instance Hamilton and Toronto split their games with each other but end up loosing the rest of their games with the other teams in the league. Then we will have to believe that the fourth place team in the west would have a better reecord than the bottom two teams in the east. Thus they make the playoffs and not Hamilton or Toronto.


I think the crossover should be dumped. The east-west rivalry is huge. It is easier to live with it if the Bombers compete in the east and then represent the east. I will support them as the east rep if need be. They have been the east rep 5 times (88,90,92,93,01)
Besides, if you finish 4th out of 4 teams you should be cleaning out the locker. Luckily the crossover teams haven't done much and have replaced a team that wasn't going to do much either. I don't see the point of rewarding a team in the west's futility because it was a little less futile than the team in the east.(or vice versa).
Another fact is you play the other division teams 8 times, and the remaining 10 games is played against the 3 divisional teams. The schedule is more geared now towards divisional sucess.

I fully agree. Having a possible cross-over this year is a complete joke. Why do they even bother having two divisions? Why not have just one big happy division? While were at it, having bye weeks when we have a balanced team schedule is another league joke. I love the CFL, but these stupid decisions just leave me shaking my head.

While we're at it, why not mandate that the games be played on Fridays and Saturdays ONLY - no more nonsense of Wednesday and Thursday games.

I always hated the cross over!
Unless there is a 100% balanced schedule you cannot say that the 4th in one division is better than the 3 in the other. Heck people are saying it now because the schedule is screwy.

I have no problem with weeknight games. Better than watching the crap on the tube now. I do want to see more Sunday games though

I think it should be something like:
1 Friday game
2 Saturday games
1 Sunday/Monday game

When CFL Nation did its first survey recently, almost 3/4 of those who responded said they diasagreed with one-division format.

I'm among them. It's stupid. No guarantee of East-West GC.

Brox had it right.

Purpose of crossover, regardless of number of teams, is to prevent situations where a 4-14 team in a division could beat out a 9-9 team.

That was common complaint right thru the 90s.

Yes, there is possibility of a non East-West GC.

Crossover stays.
Keep two divisions.