Question About Pick Six From Turnover. Interception Or Not

I did not put this in the GDT, because it is a general Q.

QB passes to receiver.
R has it bounce off him.
Defender runs it back for a TD.

I am not sure , so I ask.

Is it considered an interception AGAINST the QB ?

If it is, I do not think it should be.
From my view, when it hits the R, it is now on him to keep control.

It should be considered the same as if it is stripped or fumbled.

Not the QB’s fault, so it should not be in his complete / interception ratio.

Anybody clear on this turnover rule ?

It's an interception. No matter how it happened (ball was tipped etc)

If you're not going to count that kind of a play against the quarterbacks interception total should the sack total be assessed against an offensive line when the quarterback holds onto the ball too long?

Football stats can be cruel sometimes

100% true, but stats should be distinct from analyzing/assessing a QB's performance in a game. Account must be taken of a receiver playing volleyball (Jackson "set" the ball beautifully for the pick six) or a great play by the D to tip a pass (Willy's other interception against Edmonton). Just as an OL giving up sacks because the QB takes half-an-hour to make a decision is recognized, even if the stat is glaring; in nfcat, sacks are generally considered a shared QB/OL issue.

Should a TD pass only be credited to the QB if it is caught in the end zone, and not if a receiver takes a sideways pass and runs it 40 yards into the end zone?

Should a QB's completion percentage be discounted if his team has a strong running game that forces the defence to defend against more than just the pass?

Stats are what they are. Most people know they are not the be all and end all - just one indicator to be considered among others.

Like in any sport statistics can only be a proper measuring tool to a certain extent. Fans using stats versus a team using stats are night and day.

I get it. Thanks guys.

My point is that it was the receiver's fault.

To bad it goes on the QB as an interception.

The way I look at the play, it was more like a fumble or a strip than a real interception .

Is what it is.

I also always thought it was to bad a QB, can hit a receiver right between the numbers, receiver drops it , and it is still the fault of the QB. ( incomplete pass )

I understand what you mean Bri, but for every tipped pass there's a ball that almost hits the ground thata receiver dives for and saves the QB. Ask Eli Manning. For years he had WRs that would climb a ladder to bring down his wounded ducks.

...IMHO it's quite often not the receiver's fault but the QBs bad throw that results in the bad bounce...thrown too far ahead, more often too far behind, or too quick...the receivers try to make the play as they are taught, and sometimes it doesn't work...I think it's fine the way it is...


However, I am referring to that 1 play during the Esks - Als game.

It is on Jackson. He made that amazing game winning catch in the Grey Cup, then lets an easy catch bounce off him for a pick six.

Then again, it is easy for me watching on TV as opposed to on the field where everything is so fast.