Question about official's use of flags

Guys, I’ve got a question for you all. It appears that each official has only one red nylon flag to drop when he sees an infraction. When he sees an infraction, drops his flag and then sees another infraction while the play is continuing, what happens? He doesn’t have anymore flags in his pocket. Does he yell to some other official or what? Or does he bring it up to the head official when the play is whistled down?

I think he throws his underwear. Thats why all refs have to wear red undies :slight_smile:

lol Good answer FootbalYouBet! When in doubt you are definitely the go to guy when it comes to getting answers to the more difficult questions. rotflmho

He throws his hat.

Seriously YoEleven? I mean, that actually makes good sense!

then what?

Not sure after the hat goes... I'm not sure how many refs carry beanbags, but that might be a possibility. Personally I think the underwear would be a good choice if somehow they had to call a third penalty.

Yes it is flag ...
then hat ... for sure ...

then I believe the bean bag is correct.

The little blue bean bag is primarily for marking change of possession spots on kick returns interceptions etc.