Question about Military appreciation day

Is it only Montreal where people whine about the flyby on appreciation day?

Montreal had their Sunday and "let the whining begin"

I have to admit its not as bad as years past because they flew higher, slower and came in from a different direction this year Plus the Als alerted the media weeks in advance giving them the exact date and time of the 2 flybys

But Still the complaining came

  1. It sacred my kid.....made him cry
  2. It scared my pet
  3. Its a waste of money
  4. It produces greenhouse gases

and my personal favorite

It may create PTSD in refugees from war torn countries

Now don't turn this political...These complaints are published in both the English and French media.

So any other city get the complains?

Agros had theirs this past Saturday and I didn't hear any complaints. I guess there will always be those will voice their displeasure for the sake of doing so.

My son had a concern with the fly by as he can be sensitive to noise (he brings headphones to games) but it was a non issue when it happed as in....that was it?

Nothing wrong with these and most sports leagues do them.

BTW. Did somebody bring their pet to a game?...I want to...

....haven't heard any complaining fact, the fly-bys on Labour Day are enthusiastically in point: I couldn't make it to the game but my wife and our niece and i strolled over to a nearby lookout point that has a fantastic view of the valley from COP to downtown, with the McMahon area right in the middle, just to see the jets cruise by (they'd be almost at eye level from this point)..when we got there at least a dozen or so people were also there to see the jets, and more arrived after us...we all marvelled at the spectacle...then wandered home and watched the game...

Residents of the Glebein Ottawa complained last year (or the year before) when a pair of CF-188s performed a low-level fly-past. Apparently the event was not advertised well-enough, according to many in the neighbourhood, so they were unprepared. Some of the Twitter comments were of the "OMG! Are we under attack??!?" variety, but there were also complaints from adults about it being loud and frightening. Personally, I ignored the comments because they were from residents of the Glebe, the neighbourhood that tried to stop the development of the stadium for years.

Wow, complaining about the fly by, I actually look forward to that, next they will tell us not to sing the anthem before the games.

Me too. My wife and I love seeing military aircraft (any era) flying over, and usually run outside when we hear them, hoping to catch a glimpse of them.

Well, other leagues like the NFL are paid by the military to do them. So, I don't want to see an infocommercial for the military or at the very least, it needs to be disclosed.

And if you're in favour of these type of days, then you shouldn't complain about other politically tinged activities happening from the Diversity shirts to American players not standing for their anthem.

This is a very North American centric view. In the rest of the world when club teams play each other even from differing countries, the anthem isn’t normally played. Anthems are reserved for when actual national teams play or special events like a cup final game.

The Argo fly past was from the restored Lancaster out of Hamilton. The Lancaster is a piston prop engine which while noisy, is quieter than a turboprop (CC130 Hercules) or a jet engine (Tutor or the CF-18 ).

Missed the Montreal game so I'm not sure what they used although I suspect F-18s from Bagotville. They are noisy and the pilots are a bit showy (bid egos little.... ;)).

The Lancaster that flew over BMO is one of only 2 left in the world that is still airworthy. Impressive sight.

Interesting point. Hard to argue actually.

Chill! To the best of my knowledge it is requested by the league/team here and no money changes hands in either direction. Seems reasonable to me to want a military fly past at a military appreciation game. No need to push your agenda in response, as long as it is your opinion and not disrespecting someone else's opinion go ahead.

Yup 2 CF18's

That's all Quebec has. Mostly an Army province. Not a fan of them. They impressed me once; Canada Day early 90s they flew over Parliament Hill and the Market around dusk and from fairly low they rotated up and climbed with full afterburner. A damn impressive sight but I'm sure the pilots got their hands slapped for it.

We should all be in favour of saying thank you to our military.
It is OUR military and we taxpayers should see what we pay for AND it's a Recruiting tool too.
The US does the same thing and they run recruiting ads when there are games on because that is the audience that you want to recruit from, the young millenial demographic.
Our CF-18s are based in northern Alberta and northern Quebec so very few people get to see them except for air shows and military appreciation days.

Say what?

News flash...Quebec does not have an army...neither does Ontario or Alberta or any province.

And there are more than 2 CF18s stationed in Quebec

There is Bagotville an air base, Valcartier army, St-Jean training and St-Hubert an air station. F-18s are in Bagotville and St H has Chinooks. Oh and yes Bagotville has more than 2 F-18s.

I never said Quebec had an army I said they were an army province. Bagotville is a small airbase compared to Cold Lake, Winnipeg, Trenton, Shearwater, Moose Jaw.....

Quebec has to complain, because that is what they do. If they were the only one with out it, they would complain about that to. The glebeites are still pissed that the stadium was rebuilt.

It's the hipster part of town and a football stadium is not hipster. Ironically that is where they now hold Cityfolk which is a very hipster event. Even had Jack Johnson this year.

Get lost

Makes me laugh. We had the Blue Angels here about 15 years ago flying a squadron of F18. I could almost touch them. They blew two windows in from the second floor of the house. Called the base they came and taped them over and replaced them a couple days later. In Montreal there would likely have been lawsuits. Quebec is the province that has the least respect for the military. Nova Scotia the most. A lot of that has to do with Trudeau sending the army in the homes of Quebecers... Leaves scars.