Question about Jesse Lumsden

I was just in the middle of making the tigercats in my Madden 2007 game since i don't like any of the NFL and i was just wondering which player in the NFL is Jesse like just so i can go look up that player and use his attributes for Jesse

try and imagine a man that stands 10 feet tall and bullet proof and ____ lighting and _____ thunder. just kidding probably no one in the nfl is like lumsden becuase if their was he would be there.

Newworldorder your too much man , Im wondering if you would actually be happy to see Jesse Lumsden do well here either . Tell me did he run over you for a TD in high school or college ball ??? Im betting you played neither .

whats wrong with what i said. just having a little fun. actually you would be surprised what ive done and accomplished but thats nonya. i guess all the people on washington site got run over by jesse too. hahaha your a tool habman

well it's just i donno what to put his attributes at thats why i asked?

well you wont get a real assesment here. basically put everything to 100 and use cheat codes if you gottem. oh yeah if there was anyone in the nfl like him they would be in the cfl...ohhhh zing

I made Lumsden last year in 06, I would say that he's mostly a power runner, so if you want his stats to be "beefy" so to speak, have his BTK in the high 90s, his speed should be low-mid 90s, his accelleration mid 90s, his strength can be at your discretion, agility low-mid 90s, the rest is whatever you see fit.

hahhahahahh exhibit A

What does my making of a player in Madden have to do with anything? You're the one who seems ot have an obsession with him, I'm just a fan.

I also put Mariuz and Auggie in my Madden game.

Edit: I forgot the times I made Goss and Flick

Hey Pseudo,

Why dont you just tell him to take make a replica player of Larry Johnson, Shaun Alexander, Tiki Barber, Clinton Portis, or LT, since those are the player attributes that you described.

I mean come on

Well, what did you want me to tell him? Put 60s in everything but speed? Portis is a high 90s speed. LJ isnt very fast, but like Lumsden a power-runner. Shaun Alexander is mid-speed.

you cant even compare them is the point. why stop at the 90's max it out. i mean geez all pro running backs dont get that billing give your head a shake.maybe not 60s but probably 75 's on everything and 90's on speed would be realistic.

With your current rankings of Jesse, it would make him one of the top backs on the game with a low-mid 90 player rating. I don't think that that is very accurate. Joseph Addai and other rookie backs should have a better player ranking.

I said if he wanted to make the player's stats beefed up, I didn't say accurate. If we wanted to be accurate he'd proably be 92 speed, 90 Acc 84 Agi 60 Aware 71 BTK and maybe a 74 on KR

your crazy psuedo. what would you rank him overall?? im just curious. i mean what do you rank a kid that never played a nfl down and only one minute of a nfl preseason game??

I ranked him the way I did because I like him as a player and wanted to place him on my fantasy franchise. It made sense to have stacked stats so that I could make the most out of him. I did the same thing with Mariuz and Barrenechea in different franchises. I don't see why you care what I rank players, I was just telling him how I would rank him if I wanted a competitive back with Lumsden's playing style.

thanks alot guys you guys have been a great help

fair enough

no problems here..continue your dynasty.
I myself like NCAA 2007 better. Just my thoughts though.

Newworld do you have a phobia about Canadians succeeding in American sports or even TV ??? I`d be willing to bet that if the Cats played on a Sunday you would watch the NFL cause you wouldnt want your friends to know you watched a Canadian show . By the way YOUR THE TOOL BUD !!!