Question about jersey # & position

Since the CFL went down the drain with MRX and it’s very hard to find info on the “new” CFL site…

I’m trying to figure out in which year the CFL introduced legislation, dictating numbers for player positions.

Does anyone knows, or can they point me to a website that has the info…

Thanks !

Ineligibles are 50-69
Eligibles are everybody else

CFL doesn't have the same complex numbering rules as the NFL - either you can catch a forward pass or you can't :slight_smile:

of course - that wasn't the question you were asking. numbering restrictions have been a part of the game from the start - I don't really know when the current revision took effect. it's been in Canadian amateur since forever.

actually you're incorrect.

the rules changed slightly a couple seasons or so ago.. allowing numbers 40-49 as now eligible numbers.

used to be 40-69..

All I have been able to find is a 1968 NCAA rule
wherein a compulsory numbering system makes only players numbered other than 50-79 eligible forward pass receivers. The link is not an official NCAA link but it would seem to make sense

I couldn't find any similar rule histories involving the CFL, CIS, or NFL. But I think it would be safe to assume these changes would have been across the board, give or take a year or two.

I spoke too soon. Looks like the NFL went to a numbering system in 1952 that required ineligible linemen to be numbered in the 50-79 range. Mybad! Here's the link.