Question about "Illegal Procedure" penalties...

Late in the fourth quarter, the blue team QB Wynn gave a "hard count" to try (successfully) to draw the Tiger-Cats offside on 3rd and 2. Devonte Peterson is a veteran football player, and should know better, there si no excuse for this. However, I noticed that Wynn was vocalizing so hard that he looled like he was bobbing for apples (I'm trying to be "clean" here). I know that in the No Fun League, a QB can be penalized for Illegal Procedure for excessive head-bobbing. Is the same true in the CFL? Is there any precedent for it?

Comments, please.

My dad and I thought the same thing, so clarificatio non the CFL rule would help. That being said, Peterson should be waiting for ball movement!

When I go fishing my line always bobs when I catch a sucker. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a better question.... how did we get called for no end with 7 guys on the line?

Here's a rule from the rulebook that may explain it:

On all scrimmage plays at least five line players, including the centre, shall be identified as ineligible pass receivers and must be positioned in a continuous, unbroken line. In addition, one player at each end of the line shall be identified as an eligible pass receiver.

Does that mean that we had a WR a yard back?

Here's the CFL rule:

[i]Article 2:

Illegal Movement

Team A shall be subject to penalty for attempting to draw an opponent offside if,

the quarterback makes a quick movement towards the centre position without the ball being snapped immediately, or

the quarterback, having assumed a stance with hands under the centre, bobs the head, moves the shoulders or flexes the knees in a jerking motion without the ball being snapped, or

the quarterback, having assumed a stance with hands under the centre, moves away without the ball being snapped.

Penalty: L5 [/i]

I'm thinking the end may not have been an eligible receiver.

That's exactly right - and it does explain it.

You can't just line up seven players on the line of scrimmage, and "assume" you lave a legal formation.

Yes, could have been that, or I was thinking the end may not have been an eligible receiver (which I guess can be the same thing.)

Your theory sounds more plausible to me.

Thanks Captain Kirk;
,so Wynn ,if my memory is correct did "bob" his head and drew us off side?

On the proceedure call the CBC comentator did mention that one of our players needed to be on the line ,forget if it was Radlien??

This rule was brought in several years ago to stop the master (Tom Wilkinson) from using it. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw Wynn bobbing his head and loudly calling the count, in an attempt to draw the 'Cats offside. The officials blew that call.

Sounds like I'm right (for once)... :roll:

Looking at the replay we had 5 Linemen, 2 WR’s and Julien Radlein came up to the line to block at the time of the snap… both Paopao and Marshall looked upset.

I still think they blew that call.