Question about final play of the game (Sask@Ham)

Let's say Ti-cats managed to score a TD it would have been 32-31 with 00:00 on the board. Do you still get to kick for the extra point of there is no time left? Thanks for any clarification.

I believe yes.

You still kick for the extra point

You'd still be able to do your convert attempt. But the question lies in this: if thhey did get the TD, does Bellefeuille kick for the tie and OT, or does he risk it and go for the win?

You send it to OT, no doubt about it.

I'd go for the win and try for two. I don't think the Cats would fare (fair??) well in OT.

But then....I'm not a CFL head a longshot.

You take it to OT and here's why.2 pt cvt, 1 mess up and it's nighty night.OT you have several chances to win or tie.

The Cats are at home and have home field advantage to disrupt the opposing offense, I think taking the point and sending it to overtime is the no brainer unless your name is Don Matthews.

I think Don wanted to go 17-1 or (16-1-1 if were a tie in O.T.) back then, so he took a chance and lost. I could be wrong however. That was 1989 when the Esk's went 16-2 when that happened wasn't it?

Probably not, Joe Faragalli was the head coach in 1989. I think Dust may be referring to the 2005 Montreal game against BC. Matthews had a chance to tie the game at 27-27, but went for the two-point convert instead of the kick and lost 27-26. BC moved to 11-0 to start the season.

Thanks for the clarification. Ah O.K…Don Mathews was the Defensive Co-ordinator for Edmonton in 1989.

What home field advantage? There was a ton of crowd noise while Glenn was marching us down the field in the final minute. I think there can be no further doubt that the majority of folks who show up at Ivor Wynne are the dumbest fans in football.

If you listen very carefully, I think you can hear the real football fans in Regina snickering at us.

When one of our own fans decides to bring a whistle and risk getting the Cats penalized , not to mention takes a lot of staff off other duties while they look for some tool in a sea of fans I'd have to agree.

Are you sure of this statement, as to which side the fan was cheering for?

Both times it blew last night was during Sask. posessions just as the play was starting, it came from an area with very little green, and it's the second time it's happened this year, both times from the same general area. Sure? No, but I can't see a Sask. fan disrupting their own plays and I can't see a Sask. fan surrounded by black and Gold not having his whistle removed from his yap and re-inserted elswehere, or at the vey least being pointed out when security is scouring the stands.

With the Ticats record on short yardage? No question - take the point and go to overtime.

Actually, I think that's the right call no matter who you are. Way too much risk to place on one play.