Question about Durden

Help me out Eskie fans...

Reggie Durden was the best shut down DB we had in Montreal last year (I know, given our secondary last year, that isn't really saying a whole heck of a lot).

We always used Durden at HB; he's listed as a HB on your team's official depth chart. But all the reports on the last game (which I did not see, hence my upcoming question), say he really got burned, but all the articles say he was playing the corner. Is that true, did you have him out on the corner?

If so, that's a classic example of trying to force a square peg into a round hole; Durden's a good HB, I don't think he'd be effective out on the corner, so if that's where you had him get back inside to a HB slot and you'll be pleased with him.

thats true he is good and he is one of the best on the esks even though he had a bad game dosen't mean hes bad

I'm pretty sure he was playing as a HB. He got burned against both Calgary, and Winnipeg for a combined 2 TD's and about 200-300 yards, in two games. I'd give him one more game, but if it's the same story... we have Buhl, and Roosevelt Williams ready to step up.


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Must be the change in his stadium’s name thats making him all wacky lol!

Durden has not been at all impressive. He has been playing the corner and got schooled by both Copeland and Brazzell. You know you've had a bad game when you get schooled by Chris Brazzell.

I'd be okay with moving Durden inside and playing him at HB. As far as I am concerned he's too small to play against the bigger recievers. Perhaps his start to this season has simply been just that a bad start.

In my opinion he has taken bad penalties at bad times, been one of the sloppiest tacklers on the team and been flat out burned on his coverage assignments.

I too am ready to see one of the rookies in there, they certainly can't play any worse. Perhaps Durden will rise to the challenge and prove me wrong, but right now I am missing Davis Sanchez.

Even though he was a little undisciplined as well, at least he played with some edge and that helped keep some recievers honest. He also showed a penchant for being able to come up with a big play and change the momentum. Not liking Durden at all at the moment.