Question About Custome Made Jerseys.

i have a archie amerson jersey here, #9, i was wondering if there was a way i could take it to one of the tiger cats store location and get AMERSON takin off the back, and ranek's last name put in its place, and if so how much would it cost me..

nothing against archie hes the man and always will be, but its the newer jersey and he didnt play one down with them last year, i have a retro of him so it would be nice to be up to date with raneks.

who ever knows plz let me know thanks:)

If it is stitched i think they can do it.

If its screenprinted then they cant do anything about it.

I've used J&B Sports before... quick and cheap.

J&B Sports
96 Centennial Pkwy N,
Stoney Creek, Ontario
(905) 573-1025

its stiches, i was going to try out ticat store in centre mall. but now ill try out j&b, thanks tailgate, if anyone else knows any more info let me know plz:)

regarding the screen print comment.....

you can have a sports store that deals with custom jersey make a patch to sew on over the screen print

one year my hockey team was sponsored by a company and the next year we found a better sponsor so we had a patch made and they were sewn right over the old sponsor's name on the back of the jerseys

Whatever happened to the "Jock Shop". That place was THE place for jerseys of any type for any League.

I'm feeling nostalgic today.

Hold off on your quest.

Once we cut that stiff Boreham, Ranek’s #30 will be available to him once again.

Hold off on your quest.

Once we cut that stiff Boreham, Ranek's #30 will be available to him once again.

Makes me want to get a #9 Zuger jersey... :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,