Question about crossover.

Lets say Ticats finish second in the east and the fourth place team in the west still has more points. Would the Ticats still have the home game becuase it is their division.

2nd place team always gets a home game regardless of a cross over.

A crossover team cannot get a home playoff game. The 2nd place team get the semi home field and the 1st place team get the final no matter what the point differential might be

That is correct. Last year, Edmonton was the crossover team. And despite that fact that EDM was 10-8 and WPG was 8-10, the EDSF game was held in Winnipeg.

the 2nd place team in that division gets home game,,,say bc goes 10-8,,,and crosses over to the east we would still get the home game even if we have a 9-9 record,,, plus for a crossover the 4th place west team for example must have more points/better record than the 3rd place in the east and vice versa.