Question about Anthony Calvillo

I need you to answer an argument I have been having with my brother for quite some time? Anthony Calvillo - I say he is of Mexican heritage and both of my brothers say that he is of Hawaiian heritage. Can you please answer this for me? I want to put this to rest once and for all. Thanks

Anthony is definately Mexican. His mother moved with her kids to Los Angeles, California when Anthony was a child, he went to school there an as far as I know his siblings and mom still reside there. Anthony lives in Montreal year round.

Anthony was born in Los Angelas

Looks like I was wrong on all counts and the brother may both be right, Mother is Phillipino and father of Mexican descent...

Found this tidbit...

Calvillo was born in Los Angeles, California. While attending La Puente High School, ..... His mother emigrated to Hawaii from the Philippines as a child and his ...

Great stuff HfxTC, I like history of the CFL in general and of the players. I looked up the name Calvillo on google; it is of Mexican decent though. Other than that I wonder who is going to be on the receiving end of the record breaking touchdown pass?

Might not even be tomorrow night
The lack of established receivers is a bit worrying
And the Argos are no slouches

I look for BIG plays on D
And hopefully the ST 's are up for a big game