Question about a trade a few years back

Ok Eric Tillman was on that TV/radio showthat they have on sportsnet with that bobcat guy, and they were talking about the whole Trevis Smith thing. Anyways, Tillman brought up the point that a few years agao, I think he said 2 years, he said he traded someone purely because of a cocaine habit. He said they got roasted in the papers and such because of the trade, but they never told anyone about the drug habit and that was why they did it. So my question is, who was this trade. I honestly don't rememebr any big trades with ottawa, but I will admit I don't pay that much attention to the Gades.

Any Help here?

Wasn't that Nealon oh no he smokes wacky tabbacky! And he did not play for the Gades sorry billy I will go back to sleep here!

No real answers?? moronic ones don't count

What about when we traded Wayne (the DL)? That's the only trade that comes to my mind

I heard that interview too, I dont remember any major trade by the gades that garnered any media attention, and certainly none that Tillman had to take on the chin but I too would like to know who it was with the blow habit.

He also was GM in BC.

But he was talking in the story about how this happened in Ottawah

JOHN GRACE!!!!!! maybe

Yes, i'm still angry at the John Grace trade, worst trade in the short history of the Renegades.