Question about a missed FG?

I know on a kickoff to be awarded a single point the ball must remain in the endzone,thought that was a good rule change a few years back.But on a missed FG and the ball sails through the endzone,does a team still get a point?I have read the rulebook,but its a little confusing on this matter.i dont recall in the last few years the ball going through the endzone untouched on missed FG and being rewarded a point.

And if they are rewarded a point for missing it,I wonder if it would make more sense to have the same rules that apply to a kickoff.

On a missed field goal, where the ball sails through the endzone, a point is awarded.

Personally I don't think it should be the same rules as a kick-off, where the ball has to be downed in the field of play, because it would penalize a team for driving the ball deep into their opponent's territory and then missing a field goal.

Yes I understand what ur saying roughyfan,but maybe being penalised like that should be a good thing for missing a FG.

By no means do I want the single removed from the game,I just think it could possibly be tweaked a bit.

If there is one thing I would add to my first post is,if the ball lands in the endzone then rolls out of bounds,they should still get a point,I would just like to see no point awarded if the ball sails over the field of play without being touched,and the other team would still get the ball on the 35 if the attempt was inside that area,that would be a little different then a kickoff I guess.

A kick is a kick whether it sails though the endzone, a point is awarded, it's more about the point for kicking for the definition of the rouge rather than how the kick happened. It could be argued that if you had a great field goal kicker who could kick the crap out of the ball from the ground but not terribly accurate (you'd have another guy who actually would be trying to make a field goal from a shorter distance), you'd never punt the ball as such but do the field goal thing as a way of "kicking" the ball on 3rd down.

Except on on a Kickoff. :wink:

True, a kick is a kick is a kick when you have possession of the ball with 1st and 10, to be more accurate.

I've always wondered if we'll ever see a situation on the final play of a game where a team has to punt the ball out of the endzone, especially with the new punting rules. Would be kind of a let down if a guy punted the ball from the endzone out of bounds and was penalized for it, giving the other team one last play.

It's happened , not recently, but it's happened !

Actually, in amateur football, the rule on awarding a point on a kick off is quite clear. If the ball sails through the end zone WITHOUT touching the ground, no point is given and the receiving team gets the ball on the 20. On a kick off, the ball MUST hit the ground at some point (can be in or out of the EZ) to score the point...not sure if it's the same at pro though.

On a kickoff in the CFL,the ball must be downed in the endzone for a single to be awarded and the ball placed on the 35,if it goes through,the ball will be placed on the 25 yard line with no point given.

Yes Ive seen Bob Cameron,Trevor Kennerd and Westwood do it a number of times years ago,but it would be wierd if it was kicked out of bounds under the new rules like Kasps said,giving the team one more shot at a FG because of a pen.

Actually, the new punting rules (where you're penalized for kicking the ball out of bounds between the 20-yard-lines) only applies to Team A (the team that is putting the ball into play.) A kickback out of the end zone that goes out of bounds outside the 20 would not result in a penalty.

Actually you don't get a single point for missing a field goal. The receiving team is penalized one point if they fail to return the kick out of the endzone, either on a punt or missed field goal. If the kick is attempted close to the goal line and the ball goes through the endzone, the ball is still not returned and a single point is awarded.

It is uncertain why the league changed the kickoff rule by not awarding a single, but this only happens with a strong tail wind and is not a consequence of an offensive play.

is the glass half full or empty? :roll:

If u want to be more confused,ask urself why a kicker gets credit for the point when he really never scored it,cause the other team gave it up. :lol:

I think what some people might be wondering is; that's all fine and good IF the return team has a fair shot at returning the football. But if it just sails through the end zone with no chance to be touched then maybe the rule needs tweaked a little. If a tie game ended in that fashion it would be anticlimactic.

I've been pushing for the rouge to be awarded only on returnable kicks regardless of kickoff, punt, dropkick or placekick from scrimmage on these forums for years now..

The consensus however seems to remain that booting a ball through the endzone with no chance of a return is somehow a reward for obtaining the field position necessary to do so.

I don't know about you but I don't consider kicking a ball through any part of a 20 x 65 yard box worth even one point.

Preventing a kick return man from exiting said box however seems worth one point.

Subjective yes.

I would prefer consistency with the FG and Kickoff rules.
Personally, I'd like to see the single rewarded only if the ball is downed IN the endzone
... or (at least) only if the ball touches the ground in the endzone before going out.

cant recall exactly when it happened in the game, but Montreal kicked off to Sask, and the ball went into and out of the end zone, Sask made them kick it again, with the same result, the second time Sask conceded a single point, I cant figure out why, they did not make Montreal kick off again, as Sask ended up losing by 1 point, :twisted:

Because the 35 yards Sask got for it more than made up for one point. I believe they got a touchdown that drive or some time soon after, which I doubt would have happened without the extra 1/3 of the field. Anytime a team can trade 1 point for 35 yards of field position it is a good trade.

Consider giving a point value to yards gained: Sask gained 392 yards all game and 27 points... which works out to about 15 yards/point (so on average, every time Sask got 15 yards you could expect them to have one extra point at the end of the game). So for the price of 1 point to Montreal they gained the equivalent of more than 2 points on the final score.

Another thought experiment: Consider a game wherein team A could 'buy' 35 yards for 1 point at any time in the game and team B couldn't, team A would surely win the game. Every possession they'd buy 35-105 yards for 1-3 points and get a touchdown... so a net gain of 4-6 points each possession. Team B would basically need to score a touchdown on every drive to have any hope of winning. This kind of shows that any opportunity to give up one point for 35 yards is a great deal (of course there are exceptions for near the end of the game when it's close etc).