question about a call in the MTL vs EDM game

Do any of you remember the call against Edmonton when the defensive lineman interfered with Ben Cahoon. Cahoon started in his SB position and then cut throught the pocket to recieve a shuttle pass from Cavillo.

I do not agree with the rule, Cahoon was cutting through the pocket. He was interfering with the DL getting to the QB, not the other way around!

What do you think?


was this the over hand pass to Cahoon by AC, in that case the call was good in my opinon cuz the LB cleanly got in the way of the pass with no hands thought it wasn’t intensional which makes that call a controvesty one.

All and all, I think it was the right call.

Well If Cahoon was interfering, then the entire o-line should be called for interference when they are protecting the QB. The only way I can see it is a receiver can knock the Dl over but not the other way around

No the dline men purposely interfered with him but did it suttely enough to fool all of you but not the refs.

fool all of who?

It all hapend behind the line of scrimage, in the pocket.

it wasnt a LB who interfered, it was Clinton Wayne DT…i think it was a good call because Cahoon obviously wasnt attempting to block, and Wayne flat out ackled him

What would have happened if it was in front of the l of s?
My point is that you cannot interfere with a Dl trying to tackle th eQB

Cahoon wasnt interfering, he didnt attempt to get in front of Wayne, and Wayne didnt attempt to get past him

You guys cause you were saying that it was unintentional and what not. He fooled you and wanted you to think that :lol:

Well I said that a dl cant be interfered with if he is trying to get the QB. I call it blocking.

a DL can’t be interfered with while getting to the QB?! ???

Well holding or triping aside, I am alowed to block him right, that is interfering by definitation. It is what the o_line is supposed to do, prevent(interfere) with the attempt to tackle the QB

exactly, even if Cahoon laid a block on Wayne, it’s perfectly legal

If you agreed with me what did you mean by?

…got nothing to do with this string but it seemed the most appropriate place…other than 32001, where have all the other Eskimo fans disappeared to?..there hasn’t been one around for miles since the loss last night…

hmmm…good point

hopefully it’s just a coincidence

…off tending to their bruised egos?..

if its behind the line of scrimmage it can not be forward pass interference, maybe holding.

you can still have pass interference behind the line of scrimmage