Quentin Griffin

Anyone know anything about Quentin Griffin? He seems a little small (5 ft 7, 195 lbs)

This what I got from SMSG's Football Player Scouting Reports Archive (2003)

Stength: Quentin Griffin is a late 1980s to early 1990s prototype running back: He is built low to the ground and thick, with pass catching ability, quickness, elusiveness, leg drive, cut-blocking ability, and speed.

Weakness: Quentin Griffin doesn't have the 2000s height and size to punish the defense. Though strong enough to push piles of DBs and LBs forward, Quentin Griffin often gets stacked up at the line by defensive linemen.

From: The Sporting News Date: 8/23/2004

RB Quentin Griffin has all but locked up the starting job. He's quick and sturdy, but his inability to move the pile is a concern

I think it will be an interesting battle between him and Cates for the RB position. I don’t think size is an issue in the CFL, just look at Charles Roberts. If you have the skill the size is irrelevant.

I doubt they are looking seriously at him replacing Cates. Though all things are possible in sports.
But we do need RBs for depth, and if the press release is accurate, and given his size, I imagine he will be looked at as a return guy, and back-up.
He is no spring chicken though, so one can only hope we will see 2 or 3 younger guys at camp as well....

Too small? Ever stood by Corey Holmes? He signed my hat last year. It was after a game. I am 5 foot 10 and Holmes is way shorter than me. Hope Griffin is a good back like Holmes when he was young. Cates got hurt last year. May need Griffin if Cates has bad foot again.

He is 27 which is usually the age when most athletes reach their physical peek.

A buddy of mine in Regina (he is one of those guys who could care less about the 'riders but lives and breaths the NFL) told me that he watched him play. He is really fast but his lack of size is what kept him out of the NFL long term. When he signed with the Falcons, he got a 2 year, $3,000,000 contact, so he must be able to do something.

Quentin Griffin uck. I watched him as a Bronco. I wasnt too impressed.

I shouldnt say he uck, but he certainly isnt Superman.

Great RB. He was developing in to a good NFL RB till he tore his right ACL. Had a bit of problems hanging on to the ball in the NFL.

I think the Riders are looking at him more as a kick returner.


He doesn't $uck but of course he isn't superman or he would still be in the Nfl. I watched him a bit when he was in Oklahoma and when he was in Denver. He is a quick and shifty little guy and he makes people miss. He doesn't run over a lot of people but he NEVER stopped pumping his legs. I hope the wider field will help him in terms of his quickness. As for the too small argument, give me a break. Charles Roberts doesn't seem to have an issue with being "too small".

HfxTC, you are right, he was developing into a solid back until that injury.

Hopefully things work out for him here.

Read where he led NFL Europe in kickoff returns. Without Holmes we need new guy there. Arius says he is no spring chicken. Typical. Finds the negative in everything not Shivers or Barrett connected. Like Oxbow said. Griffin is 27. But if Shivers had signed him. He would be great YOUNG prospect. Right Arius?

I made a point of quoting this to prove, when all is said and done, how blindingly brutal your opinion can be most of the time.


Pot, meet Kettle...

Well my blindingly brutal opinion is that I don’t have the foggiest idea what that is supposed to mean.
Are you disagreeing with me, agreeing with me, complimenting me, insulting me?
I just don’t know.
All I can say is, I don’t believe anyone can reasonably dispute anything I said.
Brutal enough for you? Blind yet?

27 is no spring chicken said everything Arius. That is how far you go. How far you go to find a negative with the new Riders. You hate Hopson for hiring Tillman. You hate they won without Shivers and Barrett. And you never answer questions about 0 for 7 in home playoffs. 0 for 7 in getting to the cup.

First, the average salary in the NFL is around $2 million per year, so $1.5 is nothing special.
But absolutely, at 27, I was not saying he was too old. In fact, he should be in his prime, as you say.
But what that does mean, is that he will need to be better at TC than the 23 year old pup they bring in.
If he is only on a par with a guy 4-5 years younger, then he will likely be cut.
At 27, you don't make a project out of him and hope he develops in a year or two.

Who said he was project? Cates and Holmes. Holmes is gone. Cates and Griffin might be good together. Big back and small back to return.

Tillman made mistake with Dorsey. So did Winnipeg. You are right. But Griffin may make up for it. We will see.

Is he in your estimation a "spring chicken"?

No. But since most rookies are 23 24 or 25 pretty close. 27 is not old. Not close. But the Riders sign a 3rd round NFL draft pick. Led NFL Europe in kick returns. And your first comment? Hes no spring chicken. Now if Shivers had signed him. What would you have said?

This is nuts!
Do you honestly believe that Griffin will be the only back in camp?
We sign one guy, no one knows squat about him, and we are to believe that he has made the team.
I have no issues with this signing.
The guy might be the next Charles Roberts.
I certainly hope so.
I hope he beats Cates out of a starting job and rushes for 2000 yards. And then plays til he is 37.
I doubt it, but you never know.

And the answer to your question, is nobody said he was a "project".
What I said is, at age 27, he WILL NOT be a project.
Do you disagree with that assessment?

I would have said the same thing I said about Cedric Shaw when we signed him.
"He's no spring chicken".