Québécois football term guide?


In a couple weeks, my wife and I are going to take a vacation to Montreal. We're from Wisconsin (Go Pack!) and have long wished to see a CFL game. We have tickets to the Argonauts game on the 10th and are very excited. So much so that we've taken to watching CFL games on the NFL Network (saw the Eskimos game Friday night) to get a hang of the nuanced and not-so-nuanced differences between the two varieties of football.

Here's my question: When I was in Montreal in 2001, I got to see an Expos game and was helped by finding a guide to baseball terms en francais. As I'm going to assume that the announcers at the stadium and the referees will be making announcements in French, is there a similar handy guide for football terms available?

Thanks for your help. Go Als!

First and foremost, Bienvenu (Welcome). And you could not have chosen a better CFL city to catch a CFL game!

Not sure if there is a guide avalailable however the announcements will be made in both french and english. The referees will announce the calls in english as well.

Here are a couple of main ones you should hear :

premiere essaie - first down (Montreal of course!).

touche - touchdown (Again Montreal ! )

sac du quart - quarterback sack ( again Montreal on the Argos!)

And of course while in the stands surely the people working there who go up and down the sections will be saying :

biere froide - cold beer

chien chaud - hot dog

mais souffle - popcorn

I am sure other contributors to this site will also add to the above which will have you fully armed and ready for your CFL/Als experience.

Have fun and enjoy your time.

Smoke meat - Montréal smoked brisket sandwich

Coke - coke

Déli cinq (saink) - 5 Alive

Eau (O) - water

Chips - chips

On s'baigne - 11 donuts

Merci beaucoup à deux.

I'm grateful to know what to expect with the announcing. I'm also looking forward to having some poutine and beer in the stadium (I'm part of a poutine fan group in Wisconsin...it's a little hard to explain, but we are poutine fans as we have tons of cheese curds in Wisconsin).

Since the game is on a holiday and we're on vacation and expect to hang out in the area before and after the game - we would also like to know where to go for the best fan experience and to get a good meal. Thanks, again.

Restaurants…Probably the #1 city on the planet to eat out. There are so many, if you stayed a whole year and went out every day, you probably could not try them all.

We will be with a large group at Magnan on saturday evening. Probably the best Primerib anywhere highly recommended.


Another cool restaurant if your a meat lover is LeMilsa a Brazilian Charcuteria… Where broached cuts of meat are brought and carved to your table till you flip your token over (all you can eat) also has Brazilian dancers on weekend.


If you want ribs and pub style food (sportsbar) La Cage aux Sports has locations everywhere around Montreal.

Shwartz is pretty much the only traditional smoke meat house left in the city.

I’m sure you will get dozens of recommendations. There are hundreds of incredible restaurants in Montreal.


I've been to Schwartz's before and am certainly looking forward to going back during our vacation.

I like those other ideas but was thinking specifically about pre- and post-game hangouts - especially considering the holiday.

Thanks again, all.

If you are a fan of poutine you have to try La Banquise. It`s about a couple of miles east of the stadium and open 24 hrs.


Enjoy your stay.

Si vous voulez quelques suggestions d’excellente et très bonne gastronomie :

Toqué! http://www.tripadvisor.ca/Restaurant_Review-g155032-d708350-Reviews-Restaurant_Toque-Montreal_Quebec.html Une expérience de gastronomie, avec une facture à la hauteur de la qualité des mets. Cher, mais unique! Réservez.

Le Paris-Beurre http://leparisbeurre.com/historique.html Excellente cuisine française. Une expérience.

Guy et Dodo http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g155032-d708355-Reviews-Resto_Guy_et_Dodo_Morali-Montreal_Quebec.html

Le Piémontais http://lepiemontais.com/en/le-piemontais.html

À la portée de tous :

L’Académie http://www.lacademie.ca/ Moins dispendieux, mais apportez votre vin.

Ty-Breiz http://creperiety-breiz.com/index.html?page=1&langue=en Abordable. Authentiques crêpes bretonnes.

Au coin berbère http://aucoinberbere.com/ Authentique couscous algérien. Abordable. Apportez votre vin.

Le Fourquet-Fourchette http://www.fourquet-fourchette.com/site/fr/montreal.html Abordable, cuisine originale et excellente.

Cuisine modeste mais appréciable :

Les 3 brasseurs http://www.les3brasseurs.ca/eng/index.php

L’Anecdote http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g155032-d980128-Reviews-Restaurant_L_anecdote-Montreal_Quebec.html Ambiance de quartier. Cuisine simple mais savoureuse et bien préparée.

Merci beaucoup, LeStaf, pour votre suggestions.

Nous sommes aller quelque restos gastronomie surtout pour les déjeuners. Pour le souper, nous voudrions aller <>. Sinon, je vais faire cuire dans notre appartment.

OK, enough of my butchered français. My question is do you guys is this - is there a pre-game or post-game place to go with fans to party? That was what I meant - sorry I wasn’t clear enough.

Following tonight’s game online (the game’s not on the NFL Network).

Au pied de cochon is good and unique but it is a bit on the pricey side and located quite a distance from stadium. Definitely not for pre- or post-game meals & entertainment. Also, you need to reserve well in advance.

Around the stadium itself there is not much to visit. Tailgating is very limited on the park, sometimes there is none. For a good time, go around Ste-Catherine and Crescent Streets, around 1 mile from the stadium. There are a number of excellent joints which I am sure fit your liking.