Quebec student strike impact on CIS football

Quebec government has just announced it is shutting down its CEGEP and Universities till September. This will have a major impact on All of the CIS programs in the Q as well as any CEGEP players recruited by teams in other conferences. That's probably roughly 100 players short for the Q. This could open up the door for young students from outside Quebec to play in the Q.

Good point Hf, hadn't thought of such a ramification of this student strike.

...then those affected students should punch the mask-wearing anarchists in their mask-wearing face... should the Quebec government, this is ridiculous

Announced by Charest but not yet put forth yet. Students heard of this and of course took to the streets in numbers well into the night.
Will be interesting to see if he holds true to his word on this one.

lol, good one tony.

Somebody help me out here.

The students don't like the tuition increase, so their 'union' is protesting and striking aginast it. Yet, the increase is probably going to pay for higher costs, likely due to unionized labour at the institutions, such as profs salaries, admin staff etc. So basically, it's union against union with the government stuck in the middle. And now those students who want to resume classes or play atheletics either can't due to legislation or are being harassed by masked men when they do?

Somehow, the only ones being hurt here are the students while the unions pull the strings.

...Too bad CIS has to be affected but sometimes innocents are dragged into conflicts...As far as unions versus this govt., I think the students have recognized a weakness..This Charet guy is not a popular person in Que...He has a razor thin majority of 0ne, after the resignation of his education minister and with the electorate champing at the bit for an election (not much left in Charests mandate at any rate), the students are adding to his woes....Some say an election should have been called after the fraud allegations in that provincial govt. and the students are quite aware of that fact...Do their actions warrant whats going on there...Maybe not but an election call would clear things up :wink:

Unfortunately here in La Belle Province, you have Charest, Marois (who is even less popular as a leader than Charest) or Legault (head of the new start up party and ex PQ member) who has been gaining in popularity.
Holding an election not sure if it would have cleared things up or made it worse.

And you are right, innocent people are getting caught up in this scenario. It will be interesting (for us that live here) to see how this plays out. The student protestors (hardliners) will continue to cause havoc until the gov. bows down to them.
There are many who were with their fellow students at the start now starting to change their opinion on this kind of movement. For the most part, both McGill and Concordia are still holding classes and exams.

Low tuition has been one of the saving grace in Quebec. I support their cause as long as it is done in non violent non destructive manner. Charest is an idiot. Every one of his grand ideas has been an utter failure and throwing 400 million at a rink for a non existent NHL team is not going to go over well when your slapping crazy increases on everything and you can't pay your bills.

Keep in mind that those two schools have a high percentage of foreign student who have their education paid for by their homeland government, so they don't have a horse in the race...

Agreed. A bunch of selfish, ignorant, cowardly thugs. If this is the "future" of Quebec, that province has another thing coming. I feel bad for the SERIOUS students who want to get their education. Those infringing on their rights to go to school, should simply be flunked. IMO the Charest government has been way too lenient. Start knocking some sense onto these cowardly thugs.

It's one thing to protest, but this is no longer a protest.

Well it is a strike not a protest. As much as I am a capitalist pig :slight_smile: I recognize that the right to assemble and strike is essential to keeping a democracy alive. I also think tuition has gotten out of hand since Martin open the vault to student loans. Costs have exploded and these young people are being saddled with tuition we older adults got for next to nothing and a national debt that is still growing and having their retirement age pushed back. What your seeing in Quebec is a precursor to more and it is not just a Quebec thing, this will be happening elsewhere as well.

...I have to agree with you on a few points hfxtc...I'm not from Quebec but i do watch the news and have a general idea of what's going on...I definitley support a persons right to ORDERLY dissent but there are always people who go overboard...That can apply to the enforcement officers as well as students...I feel there is something else going on there that runs a lot deeper than tuition fees...Tony says an election wouldn't clear the air because he doesn't feel the replacement would be much better...I don't agree and think if the present govt. cannot seem to get a handle on a solution to current problems in Quebec maybe someone else could...Sometimes a change and a fresh outlook can work wonders..It's obvious nothing else is working...If Charest feels he has the confidence of the people then he should go to the polls..That could give some direction and give people time for some serious reflection., :roll:

Charest may be an idiot, but would rather him than the other one (Marois)! Not to get into politics here, but her party did not fare any better.

Maybe so but there are still plenty from here that attend both those universities!

What more do they want? They have the lowest tuition fees in the country! They could go anywhere else and the $325 more a year the Charest government is proposing will be a drop in the bucket!

On another note McGill has applied to move its football program to the Ontario conference ! Citing Academic reasons. LMAO ! According to their athletic director the athletic demands of the Q are too much to maintain the Academic Excellence of their athletes. Talk about BS... How is travelling to Ontario four to six times in 3 months going to help ease the players load.

They probably just miss getting beaten by Queen's....

I hope they get turned down. This will open up a whole can of worms. What if SMU decides to come and play in the Q because it is more competitive ? Or the top six or eight teams in the country decide to start their own "division"


You're probably right, if only because that would make an already large OUA even larger.

That too...

I just find it remarkable to me to have an institution as prestigious as McGill would try and claim that playing in the OUA will make it easy on their students by having them travel up to 10 hours for road games when presently four of their games are right in downtown montreal and their longest road trip is 2.5 hours away in QC. The only real road trip they make is one regular season game every two years in the Atlantic conference.