Quebec Nickname

since its more likley to happen than Moncton

i'm going with Blue Devils,it's a nick name for a unit in the French Army

with a colts like Uni,but insted of the horse shoe,a Blue Flur-de-lis(and a blue face mask)

and.............Piping on the jerseys :roll: :x

Why do you say it's not going to happen in Moncton?

Both the CFL Commissioner and the Mayor of Moncton are very positive on the idea, as are several New Brunswick legislators. From the last article I read, there are active talks taking place. They're building a stadium right now that can reach 20k with temporary seating, and has plenty of room for permanent expansion. The only thing Moncton's lacking is a private investor... which Quebec City also lacks, along with a suitable stadium in the works and the backing of politicians. They just got $400M for their birthday party and no one thought "hmm... maybe a stadium?" It just shows where the CFL ranks in policymakers' priorities.

As to the question I like "Vignt-Deux" or "Voltigeurs". I don't think "Blue Devils" would fly... it's identical to the iconic Duke Blue Devils and is very close to "Blue Bombers". How does "Blue Devils" translate into french?

He didnt say it was not going to happen in Moncton, he said it is more likely to happen in Quebec. As for the name Blue Devils being to close to Blue Bombers, MLB has the Red Socks and the White socks and its not a problem.

I like the Quebec Van Doos for the famous regiment there. That would be cool. But really, I know there have been some inquiries from QC but is there anything serious there? I sort of doubt it.

How about Nordiques?

Yes, and the league would NEVER allow two names to be so similar. Roughriders vs. Rough Riders anyone?

I'd love to see the CFL expanded to 10, or even 12 teams, as long as they are all in Canada. But this conversation has been going on for a very, very long time (I still remember the "Atlantic Schooners" that were going to be in Halifax in the late and silver, cool logo, and all), so I will believe the expansion rumours when the new team actually plays their first game at Taylor Field.

x2 That is a cool name, and historical relevance too.

there was a thread before about a proposed stadium,i looked but no find

Still, on what basis is it more likely to happen in Quebec?

From what I heard, the only guy making noise is a guy that wants to run for mayor, and the last time he tried he got like 4% of the vote. Moncton is miles ahead.

Quebec would never accept a football team with an english name. "Blue Devils" translates "Diables Bleu", which sounds kinda dumb in french "Dia-bleh-bleh"

Where is CFLman when you need him? Es-tu là?

I kind of have to agree that any name that is too anglo will likely never fly, regardless that (or maybe even because) it comes from the French Army.

I wracked my brain and the best I can come up with so far is le légion (or Les Légionnaires) du Québec. Or Quebec Legionaires.

I'm certain there must be a name that has far better regional significance that that.

I would expect it to be a french name and/or sounding like its english translation like Phantoms/Fantomes. Just like the NHL in Montreal.

Edited - no ethnic slurs, please

It was a post by Chief, probably been a couple months since then now.

I like the name Quebec City Voyageurs for a french name or Quebec City Rivermen for an english name. Although I am 100% sure it would be a french name.

I didnt say it...He did!
Quebec city's biggest opponent to sports was the residing mayor who passed away a few months ago.

I'd be happy with Nordiques. Same colour scheme, same fleur-de-lis logo. Probably not do-able, legally, however.

Hard to say if it would be do-able or not. I know there was that Colts fiasco but that was football to football.....Hockey names being used for football might not be so cut and dry