Quebec in the Cfl- Some Problems.

There is no doubt that the people of Quebec Province have taken football to heart.Football is being played in that Province widely- in schools, CGEP's and universities. Many native Quebecers are being offered scholarships to attend American colleges and Laval has become the powerhouse in CIS football.Each year more and more Quebec graduates are making the CFL.
However there are some potential difficulties. I believe Quebec City would have difficulty signing and retaining American football players. Quebec City is a French speaking unilingual city. Even all signs posted arounded the city are strictly francais and, outside of visiters, who frequent the tourist areas, people are expected to speak the French language.This would be a problem for unilingual Americans. The cultural differences for this group would be immense. Even in Montreal, which is a multilingual city, the baseball Expos had difficulty retaining their players. Also,english CIS footballers might not be keen on the prospect of living in a Quebec City environment.As an ex Montrealer, who was one of the hundreds of thousands of anglos who,with sadness, left the Province, I am very aware of the tensions between the two language groups which prompted our leaving.
While football is popular in Quebec realistic difficulties would emerge for non French speaking football players.Can you remember when the Quebec City hockey team could not sign their number one draft pick, Erik Lindros, who played an additional year in the juniors to avoid playing for the Quebec City team.

so they would target Cajun country no?

They would target NI's(Laval grads)

There would be issues, but there are issues with alot of Amercs that come up north to play.
Quebec Ramparts have 5 non-Canadians(France, 2 Russians, 2 Americans)

the old Nordiques had a decent amount of non-canadians(forsberg, sundin)

there are issues about some guys who won't want to go there, but won't there also be some guys who will want to go there?
there isn't a huge amount, but there must be some french speaking players, it's not like the players will know what their getting into going there anyways alot of amercs will be going canada? so toronto? no quebec... toronto?

As far as I am concerned....Montreal is far less bi-lingual than Quebec city and they dont
have any problems....
As for Lindros.....One jerk dont make them all jerks!

I really dont see any probs for them either. Lindros was a big crybaby and still is to this day. A few french lessons to the incoming American players wouldnt be a bad move either, and to the English speaking NI's.

I can't see language being a problem either. Someone who wants to stay in the game badly enough will deal.

It's no different that those that choose to play in NFL Europe. The players hang together and there's probably enough English that they can get by.

There is one thing to remember. The CFL is conducted in English. Not bilingual (with maybe a little Italian thrown-in). The Referees, officials, coaches & players all converse in English.

The public address announcements could be made in French only, as may be de rigour in Quebec, but sometimes coaches and players rely on the PA to confrim field position, penalties, ect. If they were in French only, and not bi-lingual, this could lead to confusion. They use bi-lingual PA for the Mtl Canadiens with no problems (French first, of course).

Another issue is the advertisers and sponsor's signage. KFC might balk at paying for "colonel de poulet" signage, or whatever. Although I think when the WLAF had a Montreal team they allowed English only field-side advertising signs in the Big O.

None of this is a problem in MOntreal!
Why should it be a problem in Quebec City!

As for KFC/PFK
Are you under the impression that there are no Corporate signs in Quebec?
First of all in Quebec KFC is known as PFK.....Poulet Frit a la Kentucky!
Now in Quebec regardless as to what people outside the Province believe, If your company is registered in Canada with an English name you have the chose of using that English name or using the French translation. KFC choose French..... Best Buy, Future Shop Second Cup and most others kept the english name.

Now regardless as to whether they did or not.....What ever version they use as their company name, that is what they will use, be it on billboards store windows or sponsorship for a CFL team.

French/English signage is not an issue

Just like the CFL uses LCF.
I for one being French Canadian living in Western Canada (Mid West) do not see the there being a issue.

Does it matter?
Most advertising isn't done by the name anyways it's the simbol.

The Colonel Sanders is always Colonel Sanders.
That is how KFC markets, McDonalds is always the golden arches.

Now if signs need to be bilingual, what's the issue?

have the side facing the camera's(field) in english, have the ones facing the fans in french.

There you go, french and english on one side.

No other league has huge issues.

Language will be a non-issue.
As someone else said, the NFLE doesn't have that issue and I doubt in Germany and the netherlands they do everything in english.

If somehow the players can survive there and NFL games can be played outside of the states(Mexico to start, but soon Japan/asia it seems)

Worst case, players will need to start having a translator on the bench.

But to think there won't be atleast a few Quebec born players on the Quebec team is a tad foolish no?
and if there is a Quebec(Laval) guy on the team will he not have a basic knowledge of french with the ability to translate?

Hey Milt Stegall had a basic Lesson in french(real basic) the other day and he picked it up fast enough.

Most players just need to understand what's being said.

why do players rely off the PA system? the Ref signals out penalties, first downs, second down, third down.
These guys have been around football for what? 18-20 years? the should know the hand signals for a TD, Roughing, Facemask and so on.
If not talk to the refs. The Refs will be Bi-lingual(it will be the Proulx group who does the Als games)

And again worst case scenario they talk to their laval grad or bilingual coaches.

Pascal Cheron(currently with the ti-cats) is 33? he can be brought in to be the OL captain then translator/OL coach upon retirement.

When bringing up a player, ask them to take a few french classes during TC.
Just a few basic classes, these are mostly guys who have 4-5 years of College/unversity education.
Problem solved.

But again look at other sports, does anyone think Yao Ming is in the NBA, along with how many other europeans, same with all those in the NHL and MLB(central/southern americans)

Alot of players go to cities and need to learn a little bit about the local language.

This are all non-issues in Montreal!
Why should it be any different in Quebec City?

The game at this level will be coached and communicated in english for a significant time to come... This has no bearing on the potential fans of Quebec City since its not as if we can hear the huddle or communication at the bench for that matter.

PA announcing is already done in both languages in Montreal so it shouldn't be an issue in Quebec.

I think the furthest the CFL will have to go would be to train their officials on announcing penalties in French which wouldn't be much. Again.. people in Quebec are going to understand penalty announcements regardless of what language its in if they are fans of football...

I think it would be a show of courtesy on the part of the league to offer French signage and announcements for its francaphone fans. Something its already done sans penalty announcements in Montreal and online.

In fact there was one instance on a game broadcast on TSN from Molson Stadium where Jake Ireland announced a penalty in French. I don't know why they didn't continue doing that?

What happened in the NHL when the Nordiques were there? Or now with junior hockey? Not much of a problem I don’t think.

Based on the popularity of football in the area, this seems like a no brainer for QC. And as for players not wanting to play there, please, this is the CFL not a league of prima donas and million dollar contracts.

i have no problems watching a french only broadcast of a cfl game the whole game coverered in french would add a great new angle. They could cover all there games in french.

But the problem with the english only speaking players may stil exist.

Its not a problem with The Als, Canadians or the Impact! Nor was it a problem with the Expos or the Nordiques!
Why would it be a problem with football?

The NHL is full a players from Europe who dont speak English!
MLB is full of players from Centeral America and now there are some from Asia and they dont have a problem? Why would Quebec City have a problem?

There will always be a handful of players who cause issues, but that happens in every CFL team every year. NO BIGGY!

I don't see language being an issue. If a 20,000-seat stadium exists and there is committed ownership, the franchise will thrive.

YES!!!! It is not a problem.
The Nordiques
The Canadiens
The Impact
The Expos!!!!!

Yeah what about all these teams?

Your double negative makes me wonder if you agree or disagree that it would be a problem