Quebec Government gives the OK to replace the roof for the Big O

I dug it up, the quote from the then Mayor of Montreal, "the Olympics can no more lose money than a man can have a baby"...
Bg "O" Original Budget - 160 million........Final Cost (admittedly including cost of financing over-run) 2.5 billion. Thats an "oops".........

The financially challenged Mayor's handlers were convicted as crooks and in disgust Montrealer's re-elected him for a few more terms.

Lets see what happens.

"the Olympics can no more lose money than a man can have a baby"...
Nice work Wumper. What a friggin joke!

Thanks Mark that is a great summation. cheers. Well Done

Montreal has hosted the Grey Cup 8 times, the last 6 in the Big O.

Going backwards:

2008 the Stamps beat the Als 22-14

2001 the Stamps beat the Bombers 27-19

1885 BC beat the Ticats 37-24

1981 the Esks beat the Red Riders 26-23

1979 the Esks beat the Als 17-9

1977 the Als beat the Esks 41-6

1969 the Red Riders beat the Green Riders in Autostade 29-11

In 1931 the "Montreal Winged Wheelers" beat the "Regina" Riders in Molson Stadium 22-0

1885 was the best year the CFL ever had . Good Times .

Just Couldn't resist .

What a waste of money, that stadium should have been demolished a long time ago.

Sweet new roof same old crappy building!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey maybe NFL or Premier League will take notice!

They have already spent money renovating the stadium. The Olympic Aquatic Centre has received extensive renovations. The Tower is currently receiving renovations and a largely a function of converting a significant portion of it into office space. The exhibition hall is also receiving a major upgrade. Over the course of the next several years the football portion of the venue will receive notable upgrades and replacements.

From the article above:

When it comes to the Olympic Stadium, everything is big.The invoice associated with its renovation is accordingly.Taxpayers will pay as much as $ 400 million in 20 years to bring the entire park up to standard.

This total does not even account for the roof to be redone, an additional bill of at least 150 million.
After 40 years, the Olympic Park, a behemoth worth 4 billion if it had to be rebuilt today, needs love and must be brought up to standard.If there are no setbacks, the Olympic Park will be beautiful as a whistle for his 55thbirthday in 2031.

The gigantic construction site began around 2010 with a round of work of 100 million.The most visible aspect of the first phase is the refurbishment of the Olympic swimming pool and sports center.The end result is successful.Mr. Taillibert, 90, appreciated it, it seems."He was very moved because his volumes are respected.He said that for him it was one of the most beautiful sports and aquatic centers, "says Labrecque.
A second round of work of 100 million has been authorized for the years 2016-2021.
The money will be used to repair, repair and upgrade the Montréal tower and replace the funicular, which has reached the end of its useful life.Work at the thermal power plant, the repair of concrete slabs and work on parking will also be done in this phase.

The new funicular should be operational no later than the spring of 2019. The renovation of the tourist hall and the observatory at the top of the tower will take place in 2020-2021.
After 2021, it will be the turn of the Stadium to undergo a makeover: sound, LED lighting, refurbishment of toilets, replacement of benches, fenestration, renewal of the sound and video control and modernization of mechanical ventilation subsystems and electrical power supplying the offices of the Regroupement des organizations de loisirs.
What doesnotincludethe 400 million bill

I'm sure it will be $600+ million for all the renos once everything is completed. Assuming the work that is set to commence on the stadium in 2021 and the roof is completed over 3 - 4 years we will probably see a Grey Cup in Montreal in 2025 or 2026. I bet they receive a couple of Grey Cups within a few years. ie. 2 Grey Cups in 5 years or 3 in 10 years.

Were this year's Als worse than the 82 Concordes?

But the subway stops right and the main entrance. And if you drive in on the 20, and go right to the end and head north on Veux, you come up to the east side, where there's underground parking...

it is cavernous, like something that landed from space (i.e. Alien), and acoustically, when you get 50,000+, it is pretty loud.

Oui. À mon sens, elle a été pire parce qu'elle avait sous contrataprès le mini-camp du printemps de meilleurs joueurs que celle desConcordes, toute époque comparée, et le désastre a étésans cesse croissantà partir de la 8ième partie.