Quebec Government gives the OK to replace the roof for the Big O

The new roof will be a soft one that's removable for open air activities.

No timeline as of yet, but this should put Montreal back in the Grey Cup hosting conversation shortly.

Winning one....that may be a much longer process 8)

Good news . Maybe by the time it gets replaced the Als will be back to standards .

...wait a second, don't we all get to advise the Quebec government on how they spend their tax dollars?

I'm going to laugh like a madman if they get it installed and host a GC before Hamilton even applies for the game

If you're referring to the pipeline refusal by Quebec, there is a big difference. The Olympic Stadium roof won't be going through your backyard in Calgary...

Shortly? They authorized 8 million for a study with a deadline of Late 2018. So we are looking at 2020 to 2025 before the repairs are completed.

I wonder if MLB would see this development as enough or even more or less perfect for the Big O to be a long-term MLB baseball facility? Then there would be no issue for Montreal to spend on a baseball stadium to attract a team. Don't know. And if this would be the case, would the Big O essentially be used as a baseball only facility, no football, like the Rogers Centre?

...wasn't referring to that...I was just being a complete poop-disturber on a boring afternoon...

Lets just hope Montreal still has a team at the time this new roof is in place.

I am hoping during the off season , upset Als fans will calm down and renew their ticket packages.

Gameday walkups might be a hard sell in 2018.

However, they do have every right to let the suits in charge know how they feel.

I get there would be a new roof, but wasn't this building as a whole almost condemned not that long ago, or was it just the roof?

Ok, poop disturbing is a worthy pastime! :slight_smile:

Zero chance of MLB back in Montreal unless a new baseball only facility is built. Which would likely be the death-knell of the Alouettes if it were to happen.

Good for the Als, good for me.

  • Up to $300 million. By the time it actually gets installed you can bet that price tag will be higher.
  • Two years to study which roof option would be best.
  • OIB (Olympic Installation Board) would like to have it completed by 2023. Again, based on history, that will be a "wish".

It's good to have dreams.
I do not foresee any GC game being held in Montreal until after 2023 at earliest.
Unless they manage to somehow hold it at Percival and add some temporary seating in the end zones to increase the capacity.

When this is complete - say in the next 5 - 7 years - the Als will actually be able to host the Grey Cup again. That is great news as it is the only attractive feature of owning the team. A guaranteed windfall every 5-8 years. When complete, I expect the Als to receive 2 Grey Cups in 5 year period or perhaps 3 in a ten-year period.

Als attendance will be worse next season with Kavis and Mack in charge of recruiting talent. There won't be much hope in the near future for the Als' fanbase with those two in charge. Barring an unlikely turnaround in 2018, I expect average crowds in 15 - 16,000 range next season. Perhaps the average will be inflated with some healthy giveaways

This is embarassing. That building was a white elephant the day it opened and nothing has changed. Everyone manages this thing the exact same way, while many Canadians are starving in the streets.


As someone who used to attend baseball games in the 'Big Owe', let me give my reasoned assessment of your question.


It is simply awful. It makes the concrete dome on Lake Ontario seem like the perfect place to take in a game. It's cavernous, dead acoustically, and in a lousy location from transit and car perspectives.

At more than half the cost of a new baseball stadium this will probably kill the chances of an Expos resurrection.

It's also awful for football. Same reasons. It was designed to be a show-off location for a giant spectacle with a full crowd. Sort of like - I dunno - an Olympics.

Oh I wish this sounded good to me... but it doesn't.

Bien que je sois d'accord sur certains de ces inconvénients (mauvaise acoustique, trop grande distances des gradins et perte d'ambiance en-deçà de 35 000 personnes), 2 stations de métro et plus de 4 000 places de stationnement sont certainement des avantages de ce point de vue. Et pour ce qui est de la facilité de déplacement en voiture, toute l'île de Montréal est en enfer présentement, surtout le centre-ville.

C'est effectivement la plus grande inquiétude.À voir la qualité des décisions prises depuis le mois de décembre dernier, il y a peu de chances qu'on en parle, à moins d'un revirement majeur. Il y a eu une fracture entre l'équipe et un grand nombre de ses supporteurs cette année et il est loin d'être acquis qu'elle va s'en remettre. Avec la qualité du travail de l'administration en place, les Alouettes auront probablement l'an prochain une fiche pire que cette année, et ce sera fatal.

Honnêtement, qui de sérieux va vouloir venir s'empêtrer dans ce bordel d'incompétence? Même les plus désespérés vont lefuir comme la peste.