At least QC would have snow and a better ambience.

I think you should prove it be posting another "challenge me" topic. :smiley:

I smell another installment of "Ask Me Anything".....

Where the heck are they going to have downhill skiing around Toronto? The Scarborough Bluffs? The Niagara Escarpment? :lol: Toronto would be a great place for the summer games, and I hope it gets it eventually. Just bring lots of antiperspirant and a hand fan for those sticky humid days in July.

Chicago finished what, fourth in the voting last time? It's far from a shoo-in, though if they get their act together, and can limit their penchant for corruption, it might turn out be a good spot. Just bring your ID because they card EVERYONE under 90 years of age there. :roll:

One of the most interesting observation that Al Michaels (I think) on NBC made about the Vancouver O's was that there was nary an automatic weapon in site anywhere. Any Olympics in the U.S. would more than likely be the total opposite of that, which doesn't exactly endear the place to many.

You missed the "Summer Olympics" part of my post. I'm suggesting Toronto will be the next Canadian city to host the Summer Olympics. :wink:

But you're correct in saying that the USA is not a shoe-in. Not in the least. It's no coincidence that Rio (the last Pan-Am games host in 2007) won the right to host the Summer Olympics in 2016. It's naive to think the COC doesn't realize this and won't be using this to help the Toronto bid. Oh, in fact they've came out and said it.

No way would I bet against the US, despite its issues, not having either a Winter Olympics in 2018 or a Summer Olympics in 2020 ...we in the US have had at least one in every decade since the 1980s.

And sure I could see Toronto making a stronger bid for 2020 than any US city for that matter as well. :?

Chicago was a rotten choice for 2016 in my view, and Atlanta got them in 1996 but was a sorry choice as I learned also after I moved there after them when you could hardly tell they were there. :thdn:

Salt Lake City was an excellent choice for the winter games as would be many a city in ski country in Colorado this time around. :thup:

For the summer games, I would say it is harder to choose a city in the US considering the big picture any more in the US. Certainly I would not support having the games anywhere in California given its awful financial situation. Any city on the East Coast in the US nowadays represents massive security and infrastructure challenges as well unlike cities inland, so despite all the rants by those folks living there the games are not going to happen on the East Coast.

Dallas could do it but lacks any sort of "glamour" as an international destination, and Indianapolis could as well with about the same deficiency though it did host the Pan Am Games in 1987 with many of the very same facilities for the summer in excellent, world class condition and in place already.

Indianapolis might not be big enough to house all the folks coming into it reasonably though does have an enlarged infrastructure now. :?

Neither Indianapolis or Dallas have near the crime and massive corruption challenges of Chicago that are not going away any time soon.

I guess your not aware that the reason for these multiple winning bids was the bribes and payoffs to members of the IOC selection commitee. Not to mention the drop in prestige by the US in the last decade. Much tougher buying off the members now...,,208974,00.html

Ah ha and great archived find! Well that explains it for Salt Lake City and Sydney. I had heard plenty about Atlanta before that time, and Athens certainly had plenty of dirt on its hands including many Greek athletes testing positive later for banned substances. Let’s not even get started on Beijing. :frowning:

True it would be harder for any US representation to buy off the IOC crowd now as opposed to likely many another country (i.e. China and Greece as well) in these times thanks to our lower global image from the way especially our politics have gone since 2001, but hey politics is for another forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah I didn't miss it, I just got confused when you said "I highly doubt they'll shun Toronto again for winter olympics."

I'm not sure I follow what you mean about Rio. What is it the COC realizes, and what will help the Toronto bid?

I repeat Toronto has no chance at all and thankfully not.
We here are bankrupt, can't fix the potholes and no one here is capable of organizing a one car parade much less the Olympics. The infastructure is lacking, traffic chaos is unbelievable and the much smaller Pan Am games will be a financial disaster, the likes this city will never recover from.
Plus Chicago will get the next games for the NA continent and it will never come back again in our life time.

That's why I think the World Cup spearheaded out of Toronto makes more sense if Toronto wants to do something really big. The Pan-Ams are important for the city, GTA and Golden Horseshoe as it will determine if this area is capable of pulling something off along these lines that involves a number of countries in various sporting events, it's a step up from the U-20 World Junior Soccer tournament with more logistics involved.

Earl it's not going to happen, World Cup is a major event and needs what 3-4 major stadiums upward of 40,000+ seats with a grass field.
The city can't afford it, we are a wannabe but in reality cannot compare to other "World Class" cities.

You may very well be right about that argotom, but I disagree that the Olympics are a bad thing.

Infrastructure expenditures, like fixing potholes or building freeways or rapid transit, cost money and don't generate much revenue. The Olympics on the other hand, also cost money but generate HUGE amounts of revenue, especially for private business. The influx of people, many of whom would never come to Toronto otherwise, bring cash and eventual investment opportunities to the region. The years leading up to the O's and for some time after, many jobs are created. Many business benefit, and the governments also get a cut of all that spending.

The Olympics in Vancouver probably cost 5-8 $B, but Vancouver is going to reap the benefits of that giant spending spree for decades, and I have no doubt that showcasing your city to the world will bring in billions in new money to the region.

I believe the Olympics cost 1.76 billion in Vancouver.

It's relevant to point out with regard to Chicago that if President Obama himself could not sell Chicago successfully to the IOC even with all its issues and that of the US, no doubt in my mind that no one will sell Chicago to the IOC once Obama's out as president and greatly marginalised as a voice of political influence. No way is Obama going to be the remake of Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter after his presidency (note that as another example Ronald Reagan would have had more influence after his presidency but he had Alzheimers even somewhat before he left office) to help that cause along either. :thdn:

It's not going to happen in Chicago if it does happen in the US for numerous other reasons folks. I mentioned already two other US cities that would have a better shot not to mention far more ready-infrastructure and lower security issues than Chicago right now going for them amongst other advantages. :slight_smile:

And from what Argotom stated, it sounds clear to me from the words of a local there that it won't happen in Toronto either and I am out of ideas for Canada but all ears for the reasonable Canadian alternatives. :cowboy:

I've seen you talk about the possibility of Canada hosting the World Cup in multiple threads and let me just say the chances of that happening anytime soon are very slim. For one, FIFA requires at least 8 stadiums with a minimum capacity of 40,000 and one of those must have over 70,000 seats to host the opener/final. Secondly, the 2018 and 2022 events are pretty much a lock between England and the US. England, because they are the 'home' of soccer that havnt hosted the cup in 44 years (52 years in 2018) and are long overdue.

The US because they hosted the most attended and profitable world cup in history in '94, a time when the sport was really non-existant in this continent with major professional soccer having been dead for 10 years. They can shatter their own records now with many modern stadiums having been built with larger capacity and the sport being a lot more popular (for example, the recent US world cup TV rights have sold for $425 mil USD, compared to only around $40 mil in '94). FIFA is salivating at the chance to host it in the US again as soon as possible.

After United States host the cup most likely in 2022, this region will not be awarded another event for at least 3 cycles as the other continents get their turn in rotation. So we're looking at at least 24 years before Canada will even be a consideration and still have to beat out the soccer-crazy Mexico. Sorry for the long and nearly off-topic post; I just wanted to explain it well enough to have no follow-up questions necessary.

Good read TFC, I don't know much about soccer to be honest and am not knowlegeable about it. Don't worry, no questions, if someone like you who knows the game basically says it's a no go, I'll go with what you say.

The summer Olympics just aren't on my personal radar though for Canada.

I read somewhere that there is potential for a joint US-Canada bid for World Cup?

Interesting read, to get back to the topic, I think QC would be the next host city in Canada for winter games, which is good for a new stadium and possible CFL sized stadium. I was actually shocked they didn't get the 2010 games. I think we are a long way away from hosting another summer. As for Toronto 2020 it is a possibility, but I have to agree with Paula, it will probably be in the US and won't be Chicago, I could totally see Dallas with Jerry's World stadium already there. Hey by 2020 I think the big D could be in the Republic of Texas instead of the US of A. Or maybe even Seattle or Boston? That would be a cool opening ceremony in Fenway.

As much as I would love the Summer games in Toronto, I just don't see it happening soon. The IOC is trying to rotate it between regions now. I can see 2020 going to South Africa if the world cup goes off well. 2024 possibly in India?? it's a lot harder (at least 10 times harder) to land the Summer games.

From what I have heard, that is nowhere close as you forget to factor the Whistler highway extension and all of the usual under budget figures.
At the end of the day $3B+ and a large deficit is involved.
So despite how good it was over the TV and the medals, my taxpayer dollars were not worth it.
A permanent Olympic venue is required, one in Greece being the original place and perhaps a second in Europe as well for the winter games.