I know we have exhausted this expansion possibility to death.
But, could this be the door opening to a CFL team.
There is no mention of this within the article, but let's say they make a bid and of course a new hockey arena will be required as will an outdoor stadium for the opening and closing ceremonies.

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Some people must line their pockets with these OIC bids. We just got the games, there is no way they give them to uj again 12 years later... Waste of tax payers money AGAIN.


Calgary was 1988 right? so 22 years later, boom another.

and they announced it 7 years before the event… so 15 years down the road…

if no other country puts a suitable bid in, why wouldn’t they give it to Quebec??

Not enough vertical at Le Massif to hold the downhill though (or so that's the thinking).

Yes, I always was under the impression the mountains aren't big enough near Quebec City for the downhill.

Toronto should forget the Olympics and spearhead a World Cup bid I think.

What are you talking about? Vancouver just hosted the Olympics (2010), and now Quebec City is placing a bid to host them in 2020, which would be 12 years later.

Maybe it will end up being along the lines of the world juniors hockey, isn't it in Canada now every 3 years? So if the IOC sees Canada as a very successful winter games host and Canada puts in bids, it could be here a bit more often than what one might expect.

All right, I get what you're saying now. Vancouver placed its bid back in 2003, which would've been 15 years after Calgary hosted the games. But even though Vancouver bid 15 years later, they still didn't get them until 22 years later. Quebec City is looking to get the games in 12 years. That seems a little soon.

L.A had the summer Olympics in 1984 Atlanta had them in 1996......12 years later

Hmm. Didn't know that. I certainly wouldn't mind having the Olympics again. Just seemed a little soon is all. Good luck to QC I guess.

"There are maybe 15 countries that can stage the Winter Games, compared to maybe 25 or more that can put on the Summer Olympics," he said. That is true.

Along with a CFL team an NHL team could possibly be back in QC as well, because they will need both the Stadium for the opening/closing ceremonies and an arena for the hockey games. If Toronto makes a bid for the summer games, that could scuttle the whole thing-- because the IOC coddles the Americans more than any other country. If you look at how many games the Americans have held since 1980:

1980- Lake Placid, NY (winter)
1984- Los Angeles (summer)
1996- Atlanta (summer)
2002- Salt Lake (winter)

by that time frame the Americans are due to host another games.

The next potential bid will be Toronto for the summer Olympics. Either 2020 or 2024. That's if the COC endorses it. I highly doubt they'll shun Toronto again for winter olympics. And Toronto would have a terrific shot at landing the games. Better then when they were up against Beijing in 2001.

Having said that, last time Quebec City bid (for the 2002) games they proposed holding the Opening and Closing ceremonies outside in an open spaced area. No stadium, no nothing. Jeez I wonder why they didn't win lol. That city has some of the worse sporting infrastructure in the country when it comes to major cities.

Toronto thankfully has no chance.
You forget that likely the next summer games in NA will go to the US, since Chicago just lost they are pretty sure in getting the next bid.

Not to mention...Squaw Valley in 1960

ya and then 2002 in Salt Lake.. so that 6 years later.

so who says you can't have it that quick?

Interesting math here.

You should see his football analyses....

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i would not coun t out Quebec as here in vancouver the IOC loved the way vancouver hosted the games i say in another 25 years canada will get the games, either in quebec or toronto.

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