Quebec City vs Moncton last weekend

Last weekend 16,000 for Laval vs University of Montreal at Laval University
16,000 for Cats vs Als in Moncton

If the league wants another alternate site game in the next two years
the league should give preference to Quebec City. A preseason game
would not have enough cache given that it would be in June.

The ratings for a Montreal or Ottawa vs whomever would be huge on
RDS and probably very good on TSN.

I suggest for a first time event they would be excellent
whether or not it was ever done again and certainly
more buzz then this years game in Moncton.

If they can draw 16,000 for a university game there is
obviously huge football interest that should at least be explored.


agreed. (re: holding a QC event game)

The CFL previously held a sold out preseason game at PEPS/Laval in 2003 between Montreal and Ottawa which appeared to be well received at the time, thus I would imagine a "Touchdown Quebec" regular season game would do well both in terms of attendance and ratings.

The largest attendance ever recorded at PEPS Stadium was 19,500 which could be eclipsed easily for a CFL game (if further expansion is possible) in this football rabid city.

Football fans in QC prefer to see the home town beat up on smaller less funded programs than have a pro football team and the team’s Godfather (Tanguay) would probably never allow the CFL to host a game there.

Also those who attended in Moncton paid between 50 and 100 dollars a ticket. While in Quebec more than half go in for free and the rest pay 10.00.

Yes, ticket prices for the Moncton game were on average much higher than what it costs to attend a Laval game. However, I’m sorry to say, HfxTC, that you are completely mistaken when you say that more than half get in free and the rest pay $10. As far as I know, and I’ve been going to Laval games for many years, nobody gets in for free. Adult tickets are $23 (reserved seat) and $16 (standing room), while student tickets are $11 (reserved seat) and $8 (standing room). The approximately 2,200 seats at the 200 level are priced at $31. For the current season, the football team has probably sold somewhere between 8,000 and 9,000 seasons tickets.

I was at Sunday's game against the Montréal Carabins, Laval's arch rivals, and the $16 it cost me for a standing room ticket was worth every penny. Yes, there have been lots of blowouts at Stade TELUS over the years, but Laval and Montréal have the two best defences in the CIS and the game was quite a battle. Laval ended up prevailing 16-9.

Thanks. I knew reserved seats were around 10.00 but figured students were allowed to watch for free. Sorry bout that.
No comments about Laval allowing the CFL to play a game there ? :wink:

How about Laval playing agains't the Als? :o :wink: Probably have to be a preseason game. Wasn't there something like this way back, maybe I'm thinking of the all-star game or something in the US? I'll have to check.

This is what I think I'm referring to:

[url=] ... -Star_Game[/url]

That's OK, HfxTC, I'm glad to be of help. Reserved seats for adults are $23 and $31. Quite a few students attend Laval games, but I would say that most of the reserved seat tickets are purchased by adults. It just occurred to me that some people do get in free. Standing room tickets are free for children age 12 and under, but you don't see many young kids at Laval games.

Regarding the possibility of a CFL regular season game being played at Stade TELUS, my impression, from what I've read and heard, is that neither the Rouge et Or football club nor Laval University would object to the idea. With temporary seating, it might be possible to increase the number of seats from about 13,000 to about 18,000, and there would still be room for several thousand standees. The Ticats vs the Alouettes would likey draw a very good crowd, in view of the number of Québec players on both teams.

Thanks Earl. A very interesting read!

No problem bloke. I like the charity aspect of this game although now with the NFL generating so much money, I would think, hope as well, they do a lot more for charities in terms of overall funds.

It would be neat if some profits of any game CFL game in QC if some could go towards something like Lac Megantic.

Excellent idea Earl!


The City of Moncton paid 150 000.00 and let Hamilton keep all the receipts and concession revenues from the game.
Good luck getting that kind of deal from Laval :wink:

That I did not know though I wonder how much it cost the Cats to play there or is a lot of that covered by the league. Good point though about Laval but they might want to try it out but not likely to help the Als?

Whats in it for Moncton .. surely they cannot be that stupid there