Quebec City Politician Wants CFL Team.

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Just a matter of time before Quebec City joins the league.
This will further strenghten the CFL in Quebec.
With Ottawa coming onboard as well. the league will expand to 10 teams.

That would be great, I hope it could happen!

Here Hoping they get one

I too wrote on here about peps stadium.
And although seats can be added, we have to keep in mind that PEPS would need alot more that just a facelift. It can however still be done.
What would have to happen is a outer bowl would have to be build around the current bowl. The outer bowl would have to have 15 thousand seats plus several bathroom and private boxes. Once the outer bowl is build, there would have to be plans to replace the inner bowl in time as the innerbowl is wood I beleave. This can be done in phases as long as the government does not get lazy and put it off.
Over all I would love to see Quebec have a CFL team. IT would make the east stronger and create a giant rivalry with Montreal.
Heck I could even see a rivalry so strong between these two cities that people will be fighting in the stands, just like a Rider/Bomber game.LOL

Hmmm, maybe QC will get a team before Ottawa?????

I would enjoy that, even though Montreal is my home town, lol. It would make it interesting, lol.

If they are going to add one, they have to add another. Even out the divisions so it isn't that much harder to get into the playoffs in the West.

Could u see 3 Divisions 4 Teams each one day
East Montreal Quebec Ottawa Halifax
Cent Toronto Winnipeg Hamilton Windsor
West BC Edmonton Calgary Saskatchewan

i say keep the west the way it is, add ottawa and winnipeg stays in the east…until QC comes in, then winnipeg goes back to the west.

if winnipeg goes back to the west assoon as another east team is added, then the east gets even weaker ( hamilton AND ottawa? )then it is now, while the west gets even tougher.

Indeed it would be great to have QC.
But we have been down this road numerous times before.
I would be curious if our friends from QC could tell us a little bit about this politician, his background into sports and more important, the chance of winning the race. And when is the election?

i definatley want another team in the cfl and think that quebec cty should be seriously looked at.

My understanding is that it’s next to none.

He has a Wikipedia entry which states:

“After months of rumors, Bellemare announced that he would be candidate for Mayor of Quebec City on March 11, 2004. He ended up finishing a distant third.”

I believe he got about 11% of the votes. He would have to have a hell of an increase to become mayor now. And when you google news his name, the only three entries that come yup are two having to do with the football team and one about a petition to bring the pope to Quebec City.

doesn't mean that he can't get the people with the $$ involved.

if you know the right people you can easily get things done.

If QC comes in, Ottawa will come in too. Cohon has said he doesn't want to go back to an odd number of teams.

In any case, as an Als fan, I would salivate over the prospect of a rivalry with a Quebec City CFL franchise. The Nordiques may be dead and gone, but we still remember how bloody awesome that rivalry was.

I'd say getting Ottawa and Quebec City their own teams would be great for the league. The Ottawa situation looks promising and having two teams in Quebec would only strengthen each other. Here's hoping!

It would be great to jump straight to 10 teams, having 9 is really unbalanced. But, it's probably too much to do at once, safely. I still think it would be nice to have a team on the east coast - hopefully they could do with Atlantic fans what the Riders have done with Saskatchewan fans. But it would be great to have two teams in Quebec (which after all is the second-biggest province in Canada, in terms of population), and the automatic rivalry with Montreal would be a huge boost.

The main thing is that people are talking about bringing the CFL in to more cities - as opposed to avoiding it like the plague. There is discussion in Ottawa, and now Quebec City, no matter how tough it might be to get a team there. And isn't there always talk about a team in Halifax?

I'm against three divisions of 4 teams each, I'd much rather do two divisions of 6 teams each. If the 12th team was London, maybe they'd have to play in the West - no big deal. But putting Saskatchewan and Winnipeg in different divisions hurts their rivalry (less games between them).

But let's get a 9th team back first, and then a 10th team, before worrying about 11 and 12 ...

I’d love to be able to see some fans from a new Quebec team travel to Commonwealth when their future squad comes to play the Esks. I’m thinking the same light blue as on the Quebec provincial flag, on their jerseys.

Allez Les Quebecois pour la LCF! (apologies if I butchered the intended meaning… French classes were a while ago)

I think 10 teams would be nice say East would look like this:Halifax,Montreal,Ottawa,Toronto,Hamilton.West well Winnipeg back in the mix.
What about that Coast to Coast!

I have no doubt that a Quebec team would be VERY popular throughout the league. They would draw well.

There are no school in Quebec city without a football team.