Quebec City now trying to get a team.....

An article i found.....with translation for non-french speakers

babel Fish Translation:

Saturday October 29, the 2005 - QUEBEC (PC) -- candidate with the town hall of Quebec, Marc Bellemare, tried to give a new breath to his countryside, Friday, while making gleam the arrival of a team of the Canadian League of football in Quebec from here at five years. The businessman Peter Vaughn, owner of the bookshop the English House, which accompanied Marc Bellemare with his press conference, said to wish that it evolve/move in a covered stage of 25 000 seats. Mr. Vaughn said to have discussed recently with leaders the LCF, which would have been interested. He supports to have found a ground where the stage could be built. The construction of a covered stage would cost between 115 and 120 million $. the project would be matched of a domiciliary development, according to Mr. Vaughn. People of businesses of Vancouver, from which it did not reveal the identity, would have shown themselves interested to invest in a professional team of football in Quebec. Local people of businesses could join to them. The team of Quebec would be called the Attack

........interesting to say the least.......but not realistic on his budget for the arena.......a covered arena seating 25,000 people would start around 300 could do a bare bones open air stadium for the budget he's suggested, less the land costs and infrastructure to service it.......but very interesting to see there is a grassroots push to get a QC team, I think it would be great.........

No more expansions!!!
O.K. maybe one more team.
How about saskatoon?
Anyone ever think of saskatoon getting a team.LOL
The reason I think this is funny.How many times have I read should saskatoon get a team.It was a joke.


Bellemare got crushed in the last election !! The new Mayor, mme Boucher wont spend a dollar for a professional team. Se's the kind the close sports insatallation because they are too expensive. She's 60 + , and manage the town for the 70+. Young people are doomed in Quebec city. The only reason the R&O play full house everyday, its because the university have 40 thousands students and tickets at 5$.

Forget the CFL in Quebec city, or NHL as it is, as long we are stuck with Mme Boucher.

Won't happen. Not in the next four years anyways. Quebec City just elected a Mayor who hate sport entertainment. She thinks it doesn't have a place in great cities, which should be about cultural events.

When the Quebec Nordiques were in limbo, she did everything she could to push them out the door.

It's not that she won't want to help getting the project together. It's that she will do what she can at all costs to prevent it from happening.

She's so against sports that she wants to tax people for riding bicycles in the city!

Here's what this witch looks like. Prior to be a Mayor, she was a sorceress in Serpentar, teaching the likes of Harry Potter how to create deadly farts.

And by the way, this is not even a bad picture of her. It's a normal picture. She looks like this for real.

NNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Leave the spot open for Halifax!

Too little too late, try and get the NJ devils to relocate there!

What a brutal idea. I hope that it doesnt happen anytime soon. Until the CFL proves that it can take care of what it already has, then they shouldnt expand, since it will only be more situations like Ottawa.

quebec attack is a horrible name, and sounds like arena football.....Quebec-City Cobras is much better ( with jerseys lookin similar to the nordiques )

lets give'r a try: "the QC Cobras face the Montreal Alouettes on friday nite football."...awe, yes...fits perfectly.

its good the CFL is showing its commitment to get a team in halifax or QC by the 2010 seems they are using QC as a fallback plan incase halifax ( huskees ) cant get a stadium.

i wonder how much it costs to buy a CFL team?

try winning the lottery

Yeah, a team in Quebec won't happen anytime soon. But as for names, I like the Voyageurs or the Separatists. Its gotta be a French name!

i still think Quebec-City Cobras is the best name
Quebec City Royals...again with the nordique jersey design

It worked once why not subject to trademark etc., call it the Nordiques. The QC possibility may be alot faster then Halifax?

why do u say that?...they havent got a they have plans to get a stadium b4 2012?

Agree no stadium per say, but at Laval U there is a shell of a stadium that could be converted to 25,000-30,000. Its better then Halifax and especially the very long range "possibility" only. But, I guess we will find out in 07. Regardless of what shakes out, we all agree the urgent need for a 10th team. Is there anybody out there, I would not care which new city. We always seem to come back full circle every time this discussion reappears how the only hot prospect and without a stadium is Moncton. Their mayor give him credit keeps beating the CFL drums.

if thats the case, then maybe there should be 2 pre-season games played in alternative markets this in moncton ( to put an end to that debate ), and one in Quebec in a converted 25 000 - 30 000 seat Laval field.

we got 3 cities competing for 1 make it a playoff format...halifax moved on to round 2 last year, sellin out 11 000 seats in 1 day.

so now quebec and moncton battle, with loser eliminated from expansion discussions...

Not a bad idea, to hold an elimination process. But, it would seem how so far and without the apparent identity of potential owners, how there is $ in QC and Halifax. Has anyone heard or could enlighten us whether there are rich enough individuals or corporations in Moncton?

there is no money in moncton...the money is to be made in Halifax...and to a lesser extent, quebec.

thats why quebec and moncton should both get pre-season games this year, and the one that is least succesful, is never spoken about again...which will be moncton.

then the next year, have halifax get another touchdown atlantic in a expanded 25 000 st.mary's stadium....keep the momentum going until one CAN get a stadium built.

my preference is expand to halifax, and save quebec-city as a back-up for if ottawa needs to move....renegade in french is 'rebelle'...

quebec-city rebelle, or quebec-city rebels....sounds good.( nord colours )

Although a new permanent stadium is needed and would go a long way to make a new team successful, agree as a stop gap measure slap up a temporary 25,000 until a new one is built.

Halifax - soldout 11 000 in one day ----------------------} should get game in '07

Quebec - 10 358 sold for preseason game in 2003----} should get game in 06
Moncton - never hosted a CFL game --------------------} should get game in 06

moncton and quebec both get a preseason game in expanded 25 000 seat stadiums....this helps decide which of the 2 cities doesn't get a shot at a CFL team ( most likely moncton ), but it also helps grow the CFL brand in these new markets.

the 07 preseason, Halifax hosts a preseason game in a expanded 25 000 seat st.marys stadium, while quebec city hosts, again, in expanded 25 000 PEPS stadium ( laval )....this will clear the expansion picture even more, and help the CFL brand grow again building momentum.

this method will help eliminate any doubt if the right city was chosen, when the CFL does expand