Quebec City, NOT Halifax

Our 10th team (can we please forget about an 11 or 12 team CFL? It aint happening!) should be in Quebec City, NOT Halifax.

"Why?" You ask?

One reason why the is CFL great is RIVALRIES.

Halifax would have no rivalry with any other CFL franchise.

But Quebec City?

Do I really have to tell you the incredible Montreal Alouettes-Quebec City rivalry there'd be?

Winnipeg deserves an NHL team!

I would still love to see a team on the east coast. They need something out there and they have had some preseason games which sold out. The attendance figures for the St. Mary's Huskies are also very good.

I would like to see a team in Quebec though. I know people love their football in La Belle Province. It would be a great rivalry too! Just like the Habs/Nords in the 80's NHL.

C'mon commish get on it. We need expansion soon while were hot!

I would think at this point Quebec City is more viable. 12 teams for 2020 is a reasonable observation. Get ottawa back and QC sometime in the next 3, and then for 2020 work on Halifax and London. If PEPS could expand another 7, 000 it would be a very realistic place to host a game.

Montreal vs QC, like Habs vs Nords.

if montreals rival is QC, where does that leave ottawa?

altho id stil love to see both QC and Halifax in the CFL.

Ottawa and BC are likely to be the odd couple out in terms of a classic rivalry, unless there is another southern ontario team added, and if BC gets an east coast rival like Moncton or Halifax to have a 'battle of the oceans' or something like that

Why not an 11 team CFL with Ottawa, Quebec and Halifax? The CFL used to have 9, and we'll have 9 again for a long time after Ottawa comes back until a 10th team hopefully joins. An odd number of teams can work.

Sure, an even number of teams is ideal, but more teams is ideal-er. I'd prefer 9 teams over 8, and I'd prefer 11 teams over 10.

If they were to go to a 9 team league as you suggested: QC, HFX and OTT; why not balance it out and put another team in a larger city in BC or Saskatchewan.

I know that people will drive like 5 hours to go see a game in Regina. Why not put a team in Saskatoon? Another small market but I think people would go MAD for it!! :twisted:
Rider fans would likely have 2 natural rivals then along with the Bombers.

Also maybe Victoria on the Island or the Kamloops/Kelowna area could support another team in BC'c interior? You would get your natural rivalry with the Lions.

The BC/Rider rivalry is definitetly alive and well in BC already, I can attest to that!

Sorry 11 team league :oops:

and also quebec city is much closer to other teams so they dont have to fly so far to get there.

i also think a team would be good in kamloops area because they dont have much to do there n meny people would watch a cfl game there

I'm good for any plan that gives the Riders another crack at the Bombers every season

truly quebec city makes more sense because you have to consider a couple of things. qc has a good has a good population.the important thing is this. Will players want to play in halifax. qc seems like a place where someone might want to sign a contract.but hopefully halifax and qc will be in the league in several years.

Though it might help, you don't have to have a team in a nearby city to have a rivalry. Halifax and BC could make a great rivalry, seeing as both teams would be in coastal cities.

The coast classic or maybe the battle of surf and turf.

not to mention Acadia University in the valley has become increasingly popular over the last 5-10 years. Acadia gets better attendances than St Marys some weeks. StFX and Mount A are still strong attendance wize.

also, has anyone thought of naming a team in Halifax the Halifax/Maritime Privateers? It beats Schooners i think.

Can everyone on this forum please please PLEASE forget the notion of an 11+ team CFL?

I already know it'll take something of a small miracle to add a 10th team out in eastern Canada.

So please, for the love of God, accept that in our lifetimes, we'll have a 10 team league AT BEST. We all should be more than satisfied with that.

For those wondering who Ottawa's rival will be...give them the Rough Rider name again and they'll have an istant one for stupid as having two teams with the same name would be.

As for Saskatoon having a CFL team....we love our riders up here but putting a team up here would put a big division in the heart of posible the strongest supported team in the CFL...bad move.

Plus we want an NHL team here instead lol

I'm not sure I even get the concern. It's not like teams can only have one rival. In other words, having a team in Quebec City would not make me hate Montreal any less. :wink:

Actually, what you mention here is a good example. Saskatchewan would be a rival for an entirely different reason than Montreal would be.

I always considered Toronto to be Ottawa's primary rival for me anyway...

Ironic post of the year considering your handle is "JetsIn07" The CFL in Halifax and Quebec has the same problems as the NHL in Winnipeg and Quebec... no owner and no venue.

The possibility of an 11 team CFL is in response to your SILLY suggestion that there was some sort of choice to be made between Quebec and Halifax. If the league ever has THAT choice, the league should choose BOTH.