Quebec City in the CFL?

I heard that Quebec City has a 20,000 seat stadium. Is there any chance that it could be upgraded to 25,000 or 30,000?

I personally think QC would be a better site for a 10th CFL franchise than Halifax. The rivalry between Montreal & QC would be superb!!!! Now I know Ottawa needs to get a new owner and hopefully that happens sometime this year so they can come back next season, but here's the question. There are like 10 parties interested in buying the Gades, obviously one, if the right one, will buy them and bring Ottawa CFL football once again. How bout the other 9 parties interested in having a CFL team. Would it be a good idea to see if one of those parties are interested in building stadium or possibly expanding the current 20,000 seat stadium for Quebec City to have a team? Just a thought. If not Quebec City, then how bout in Halifax? Could Husky stadium be upgraded, or would a new stadium need to be built?

husky stadium cannot be expanded anymore than the 11,000 they had for the TD Atlantic game...its too close to the surrounding buildings to fit more seats.

and the argument isnt so much QC vs Halifax...cuz i think the league would prefer both over ottawa, had all 3 cities had CFL sized stadiums....its who gets the stadium first.

one day we'll see ottawa, halifax and QC in the east.

I thought PEPS Stadium at U. of Laval was smaller than 20,000.

its 18,500 when u allow standing on the track, i believe....alot less when u dont allow the standing ( 12, 000? )

Yes that's correct, there is plenty of room to add by retrofitting with temporary or permanent seats to bring it up to 25,000+.
More important, there does not appear the will to get a franchise as no one has come out publically. Unlike some disturbed soul who recently suggested the city should pursue the NHL to get back into same.
As much as most of us believe QC is the best next expansion site as the rivalry with the Als maybe the best around, "silence speaks volumes".

Try for the NHL first, that would be harder to do, and the CFL will eventually come to Quebec City one day.

What does the NHL have to do with anything

Good lord RO!! will you please stop asking him questions and feuling the fire?


I am glad you asked and am sure that KK would agree.....the whole NHL CFL dynamic is nothing more than the cis and trans isomerism of molecular the cis and trans forms, the NHL and CFL are basically mirror images of each other and as every one knows you cant have one without the other.....isnt that right KK.....

Quebec City has as much of a shot at getting the NHL like Winnipeg does--- slim and none. I would say that if someone comes forward to put money into a CFL franchise in QC, it would be a great CFL city. NHL is more interested in putting teams south of the border than coming back to Canada, because the NHL brass knows we will support them no matter what happens(teams moving south, lockout or whatever). CFL may not come to QC right away, but maybe in the not too distant future a team could be put there.

I have to agree 100% with Sambo’s post, QC would be a great CFL city, let’s hope they get a francise in the next few years.

yeah, both Canadian NHL teams and CFL teams need to support one another. There is also another Reason I have for not wanting a CFL team in QC yet, but I'm keeping it to myself.

Thank You, Geo, he like the headmaster of a group that just wants to pick away at me untill I can't take it anymore.


anyway, QC doesn't have a chance untill they built a new Arena like Winnipeg has done.

Quebec's seats just as many as Winnipeg. 15,000. both are too small.

wanting and knowinig are 2 different things. He wants a team there, but knows they wont get one. I, and many other people are the same way. More Canadian teams would be great, but it is not likely.

you just have to be optimistic that their are better days ahead.

and QC arena is over 40 years old, they need a new one, can be 15,000 or 17,500.

Im just a realist KK, there are lots of hurdles into getting a franchise, and even more when a team leaves a city. Im hoping for the fans sake that they get the Jets back, but in realistic terms, it might a futile effort.

then you have to think of realistic ways to get them back.

Perhaps QC would be a good CFL city, but why has there not been any interest from anyone with the money to make it happen. It would be better if there was a demand for expansion and some competition among different groups to obtain franchises as opposed to the CFL searching out for them.

For those so keen about QC, pls provide name of at least one serious person/group who has come out to say they would be interested in owning a CFL franchise there.

And that my friends is the number one problem. Although Marcel Aubut came out a few years back and had a "cup of coffee" on the possibility of expansion, we on the outside have not heard anything concrete.
Of course, the second major issue is the lack of venue, save and except the Laval Peps possibility.