Quebec City in the CFL????

I keep on hearing that Quebec City's college football team gets good crowds at their games. I believe the team is called the Laval Rouge or something like that. I don't know if i'm correct but they apparently get 20,000 to their games. So why doesn't QB City have a CFL team yet?!! Is it possible the CFL is waiting till the general population in QB City is football crazy and thirsty for a CFL franchise?

The city really supported the Nordiques in the NHL, and had a heck of a rivalry with the Canadiens. If there was a rivalry like that in the CFL, between the two cities like there was in the NHL, it would be a barn burner!

The biggest problem facing QC (and any other city other than Ottawa), is the lack of suitable stadium. The U. de Laval Rouge et Or play at Stade Peps which only holds 10,000, but they pack in an extra 5,000 around the running track, I'm not sure if the stadium is able to be upgraded to hold 25,000 seats or if a new stadium would have to be built, but I would suspect the latter. Building a CFL sized stadium is the biggest thing holding back a francise in QC, not the amount of fan support for football.

In my opinion Quebec City would be the best potential new franchise. With the rivalry even better then the Nords-Habs hockey version.
The problem is stadium and owners. A few years back former Nords owner Marcel Aubut made overtones with the CFL about wanting a team but nothing became of it.
He wasn't prepared to put his mouth where his mega bucks profit were when he sold the Nords to Denver.
The current Laval U stadium only has I believe 10,000 seats only and they do pack the place to averaging 17,000 with standing room. There is room to build temporary new seats, but no one has come forward and also apperently the Mayor is anti sports and CFL.
So, we keep dreaming of what could be?

i think everyone agrees, QC would be the BEST place for expansion right now....but the stadium isn't CFL sized and ottawa does have a CFL sized stadium.

either way, the CFL should be in BOTH cities!


QC team

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why wouldn't the field be CFL size,aren't they all the fields the same size in Canada.

The field is the same size, but the stadium is to small, currently, to host a CFL team.

You also have to keep in mind that although they may have had 10 000 to 15000 at a champoinship game, those numbers are not the numbers they generate at a regular season game.
Also keep in mind that those fans are not paying CFL prices.
To get 23 000 - 25 000 tickets sold for everygame at CFL ticket prices is what you have to aim for when trying to put a CFL team into a new City.
I myself would love to see Quebec City have a team.

I thought that Laval was red and white with gold helmuts?

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Quebec City would make a MUCH better CFL city than Halifax. What makes the CFL great is its RIVALRIES. Montreal VS Quebec City. 'Nuff said!

Who the heck would Halifax have an "intense rivalry" with?! No one, that's who.

Halifax and BC: "Coastal Cities Clash!" Yeah, that was a heck of a stretch...QC would be a good target for expansion-there's gotta be 750K people in the metro area, and Montreal fans would make the road trip to see the Als...but here's an ignorant American's wondering: could the mayor's dislike of the CFL be due to separatism? From what I've read -I believe it was in Nat. Geographic- pro-separatist feelings run high in QC; while Montrealers (Montrealites?) narrowly favor staying part of, does the mayor -and any other anti-CFL factions in QC- have dislikes rooted in some idea that having the CANADIAN Football League is just another connection to bad ol' Canada? I don't live there, so I don't have the insights...fill me in, s'il vous plait!

Bottom line here is if Halifax gets the GC, then they will have a stadium that is CFL ready-to-go and really will need a team to help fill some dates. College football there I don't think will get enough crowds in a 25,000 seater to reach the full potential of the stadium. But if Halifax doesn't get the CG, they are toast and all efforts should go to Quebec City if possible.

Quebec City would be great, but I'am not putting any stock into the CFL expanding

Forget Quebec city for many years. There's no CFL size stadium, and no plan for building one. Any project wont have the city's mayor support, any governement support will have to be hard fought for. Le Rouge & Or have nice crowd, but half of them are student paying 5$. To work here, a CFL franchise would need a great owner with a lots of drive.

They are.

I think drummer_god was giving us a taste of a hypothetical Quebec City CFL uniform. Hence the QC abbreviation that he used.

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