Quebec City. Best CFL City Outside and Maybe Inside CFL

Yesterday they drew a packed house of 18.000 for the Vanier Cup.
And they were enthusiastic.
Even though their team wasn't in it.
My question is they have somewhat of a stadium here.
What is stopping this city from joining the league.
Because its become obvious Quebec City would be a huge boost to the CFL.
Its probaly a better football town then at least one and maybe two of the teams
in the CFL right now.
Quebec in the CFL.
Lets get er done.

What I hope is that cities out there with CIS teams and stadiums should take note that Quebec City seemed to embrace the Vanier so get on the horse cities like London, Kitchener (don't think they have a stadium that can seat 15,000 though?), Kingston, Saskatoon (they held one of course) etc. and get the Vanier! I think they should forget cities that have CFL teams for the most part except every once in a while.

berezin, agree we'd love QC but they are going after an NHL team and will be spending some $300 mill or so for a new arena to entice an NHL team. I don't think you'll see a CFL quality stadium there.

You never know Earl.
If they get an extra 50 million to upgrade the stadium they have, look out.
And can anybody guess what two CFL cities I was thinking of?

Agreed; Quebec City is well worth a CFL team! Just throw some lights & more seating into the Laval stadium & go with it! It will be huge!

QC has shown great support for Laval over the year and if the capacity allowed should be given a serious look at as a future CFL team!

The University want nothing to do with the CFL. I know it is an elitist attitude but the team is paid for by a local entrepreneur and if the CFL wants in the Quebec market it won't by at U of L

Yes, kudos to Laval and Quebec City for their excellent showing! How many other cities would have shown up in such numbers, whether their team was in it or not? The rest of the CIS can again draw a lesson from Laval.

i agree totally, QC is a natural next step for expansion. The Allouettes have worked for years to build grass-roots 3-down football in Quebec and deserve a better rivalry than what they get from woefull Ontario.
The big question is where do the three levels of gov'ts stand on building a real stadium?

Did you happened to hear a particular comment from a Quebec City official. Happy about the great turn out, he said this would boost Quebec City’s chances to get the “Winter Olympics”!!!??? No mention at all that a good football crowd at a national championship football game might boost their chances at getting a CFL team. Good Heavens, any QC Winter Olympic bid is at least 20-30 years away. Some interesting and puzzling thinking from some officials in QC.

I remember reading something about that. I had no idea that a local rich guy was financing the UofL team. i thought it was the school president who didn’t want anything to do with sharing a stadium w/ a CFL team. oops i mean LCF team. interesting.