Quebec CFL team

Ok so i was looking at the other CFL new Teams post and it was looking like more people wanted a Team in Quebec City, how come no one in the media seems to be talking about a CFL team in Quebec City?
Or am i just reading it wrong and people dont want Quebec to have a team

Lots of CFL fans want a team in QC. That being said, the story of the CFL expanding to QC isn't a biggy I don't think at this time, at least not until there are some ownership group who come out of the woodwork with something that is worthwhile listening to that sounds like it really could happen.

HEY George Gillett want a CFL team to add to you NHL team, Soccer Team and NASCAR teams

Are you saying George Gillett wants a CFL team? I haven't heard that before but man, that would be sweet to get him on board!!

Marcel Aubut, the former Nords owner, was sniffing around a few years ago trying to land a franchise for QC.
It apparently did not get to the serious stage due to what else, a lack of stadium.

thats going to be the biggest problem with expansion. in that qc needs a stadium and i would like to see a team in halifax again with no stadium. even a stadium of around 20 to get them started. hard to make ends meet but the team is there. mtl seems to survive witha 20,00 although barely.

25,000 is a bare minimum now adays and that's even on the low side.
30,000 to be sure and in fact, the league should require this amount from new prospective cities.

Good thinking. All those loser millionaires with only 20k stadiums shouldn't even make it past the receptionist. Outside with the rubbis, I say!

well i agree thats y i say mtl barely makes it with 20,000. WPG sits at 29,553 and out projected new one is estimated to be 40,000

There is really is no point in building an undersized stadium that the city will eventually outgrow, unless they want to be like Indianapolis (pop. 800,000) and build a new expensive stadium every 20 years.

Build it large. Put in multi-coloured seats so it looks like there are people in 'em on TV.

And for heaven's sake do NOT put in a track around the field.

Just remember guys, the bigger the stadium, the less chance of any expansion to a new market. 40,000 may be great for one community while 28,000 for another and maybe 50-60,000 for another. But nothing less than 25,000 under how the model that the CFL seems to be currently all about.

i think 25 is good for a new team in canada, cuz we have tos tart entering smaller fan based cities that having a stadium of over 40,000 isn;t helping because tey won;t have enough people to fill it.

Um guys, Montreals 20 000 seat stadium is used in part with the Big O. When comparing Montreal, you have to take the average attendance for that year. Plus Montreal is going to turn that 20 000 seat stadium into a 25 000 plus seat stadium. In addition, once that is complete, there will still be more room to add endzone seating.
What I said in the past is that Winnipeg should donate its old stadium to another city but it was already extablish that it would cost heaps and would not be feasible.
Quebec can turn PEPS into a larger stadium but it would have to happen in phases. It can be done and it should.

Just slap that bad boy onto a flat bed truck and ship 'er to Halifax? :wink:

wouldn;t that be sweet to see while driving down the number 1.

well that was my idea to donate Winnipeg stadium to Halifax,lol
of course it would cost more than it is worth,lol
You would for the most part just get the steal beams and it would take a whole train as opposed to a few trucks,lol
But its funny to pretend that it could happen.
The thing is, the steal beams that make up the stadium would be cheaper to just buy brand new,lol