quebec CFL good news/bad news

Check out this link(it's in french).

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My french is not that good but it looks like the Federal/Provincial and Municipal government in Quebec City are kicking in a combined $75 million to the PEPS facilities on the University of Laval campus. Now $75 million could build a bare bones CFL sized stadium (something along the lines of BMO Field accept CFL field size)or as they plan to use it, it could go to a bunch of new buildings and then fix up the stadium a wee bit.

I think some of this is still up in the air. In that they haven't fully decided, but I'm not sure (it's the french language barrier for me). The good news is they will be fixing up to a certain degree the football stadium there, the bad news is it doesn't look like they will be adding any additional seats. With that kind of money being spent and a team that has one so many vanier cups in the last 5 years, you'd think they would think to expand the stadium. Maybe there is still hope for that. There are pictures of the proposals on the site as well. It looks like a chunk of that money will be going to an aquatic centre, an arena, a gym with seating capacity of 3500, a new indoor full sized soccer field and running water for the Stade du PEPS.

So close, but yet so far.

Any type of upgrade to PEPS brings a CFL team that much closer to Quebec. Hopefully seating capacity is increased in the near future, so that a CFL team in Quebec could become a more realistic possibility.

What it is saying is that they announced plans for a 75 million $ expansion will be an Olympic sized swimming pool with 1600 seats which will allow them to have international competitions in swimming and diving Etc.
A 3500 seat gymnasium
An indoor soccer field with food concessions medical services a press box and I think, corporate boxes. They expect to add 110 days of activities to the schedule and when it is finished, the complex will be evaluated at 200 million dollars

Unfortunately there are no plans to increase the 10,200 seat football stadium

How true ... unfortunately it doesn't sound like the CFL will be able to benefit from this. As usual :frowning:

Maybe we could send all the washed-Up CFL players to the swimming pool.

I know, I know, bad joke.

Too bad the Stadium didn't get an upgrade. With all the stories about Football growing in Quebec, it would have been nice to start speculating about a Quebec City franchise.

I checked out the power point presentation from the website and atleast there are some upgrades to the stadium.

"-Amenagement du stade exterieur (systeme d'eclariage, concessions alimentaires, services sanitaires, regies techniques, etc.)
-Amenagement de terrains exterieurs a surface synthetique"

In other words...
The plan for the stadium is a new lighting system, a food concession thing, sanitary services(real potties) and a new clock and sound system. Possibly they will be replacing the turf on that field, but that could have been putting turf in any of the fields I guess.

The point is they are making some significant upgrades to that stadium. The problem is that the one side which had all the room to add seating is the side they want to plump down the big indoor soccer facility. Still though, how much does it cost for the aluminum bleacher type of seating? It cost Winnipeg between $1-1.5 million to add 15000 for the 2006 Grey Cup. I think Laval deserves to host a Vanier Cup and should have that kind of seating for such an event. With the 2013 Canada summer games being held somewhere in Quebec and there being money available for that. We should just do it. In fact I will fund it myself...oh wait I don't have any money. UUUUGHGGGhhhhhhh, so close again.

When BeerBarons posted some pictures of it yesterday, I went to look a little closer, and I saw its attendance listed at 18,500. That seemed WAY high to me, because I'd heard closer to your number.

How do they ever get to 18,500? Standing room?

Actually I believe that it is standing room!

Yes they are making improvements but I think most here would prefer seats

you guys had me going.
Yes once again so close yet so far.
I hate it when they spend all that money and put football last on the list.

Quebec City isn't ready yet for the CFL, it is too small time, maybe will stay that way for a long time. It's a laid back city, don't think they would know how to have a party. We don't want them, yet anyways until they can prove they can "bring it." :wink:

Disagree Earl, there is nearly three quarters of a million people in the region with unbelievable history in U of Laval of the CIS.
Whether that can translate into success with a CFL, who knows.
The intangible is the rivalry with Montreal, ala Habs vs Nords. That as the credit card commercial says is priceless.
The biggest obstacle though is the lack of political will by the mayor and council who are apparently of a leftist "tree hugging" variety.
As a franchise, I think QC would be better then Halifax.

I would love to see Quebec City support a CFL team. Think of the rivalry between them and the Als. I hope it happens in the future!

You make a valid point. I can't see it being not supported either. I think there are enough supporters in the area. I know very little otherwise about the the energy level there though, but I just can't see it not working. It's not like they need 40,000 per game to make it viable.

need a 25,000 seat stadium in QC, and sell-out the BIG O every labour day against the Als- 50,000.

Man, they do that and the Leo's will really be left out in the cold on the Labour day weekend. Then we need Halifax so that we can have a Coast/Coast rivalry. :slight_smile:

Its a question of fan support.
When you look at there Hockey history they have lost the Nordiques (mostly the NHLs fault), and they would not even support the Raphales. Now did they try to rally for their NHL team to return like Winnipeg did...However, Quebec City does support College Football big time.

Here is what Quebec does have going for them:
-They are the same size as Winnipeg in Population
-Peps Stadium with added bleachers can act as a tempory feild until they decide to either rebuild Peps or build a whole new stadium.
-They have the football support although this can be argued that its easy to attract 18 000 people per game at 5 bucks a ticket or for free.
-Their location is perfect. Unlike the West, the East has all the teams very close together and the rivalries would be uncharted expecially between Quebec and Montreal.
The Quebec and Montreal games would be a guarentee over the limit sell out meaning that people would be sitting on the grass or standing anywhere they could to watch this game. Simular to fan appreciation games in Winnipeg or Saskatchewan.

The cons:
-ARgotom is right, the Polliticians in Quebec are tree huggers and would rather see pretty art on fire hydrants than have money dumped into a CFL team.
-There has yet to be any fans from Quebec that I have noticed trying to rally for a team. Unlike Halifax for the past 20 years.
-There stadium is made out of wood, but as I said it would act as a tempory stadium.

Now if I am wrong or unclear on my points, please correct me guys. This is just based on my thoughts.

I think you are pretty close on your pros and cons BB. I've heard the Negative political thing, and I know that their Stadium would need an upgrade. The support of CIS has been good (During the winning years) so that could spill into a pro team as well.

RO, Third (Where ever you are) What do you think of the rivalry possibilities?

Actually now that I think about it, the wooden Stadium maby not be a bad thing.
I live near Morris Manitoba and they have a very large wooden stadium that has been there since I was a little kid. I would say that stadium is over 30-40 years old at least.
Here is a pic of the Morris stadium.

[url=] ... ORRIS2.JPG[/url]

If Quebec could build a upper deck around the current stadium then it would probably work.
Montreal did wonders at turing a crumpling Molson stadium into a solid stadium and they are not even done.

For those of you wondering where Morris Manitoba is, well here is a pic.

[url=] ... d_high.jpg[/url]

Is there actually room to add bleachers?

I'm not asking to be a smart-ass or to be difficult, I really don't know. It seems to me that since demand for seating is so good, they would have added those long ago.

There is room but it would have to be engineered pretty good.
They would have room to add some seats on each side and definatly in the end zones.