Quebec Alouettes?

L.A. Alouettes. ;D

Has a nice ring to it.

I understand that Oakland has some venues and various fan bases available.:wink:

Looking ahead to the two upcoming games vs. MTL, it now looks like Hamilton will be facing the QB they went after, through that deal which had Charleston Hughes a momentary TiCat, and then, later, gave away to make room for what’s his name to be Masoli’s back-up. Pipkin, today, is reported out for 4 to 6 weeks with a lower right leg injury and Vernon Adams is expected to be the starter in the game here next Friday. The Als also have signed Brandon Bridge, most recently with Toronto.

…could see the trouble in MTL coming for years…Time for US expansion, again…Oakland, San Diego and St Louis all have football vacancies…

If Canadians in Montreal and Toronto don’t care about the Canadian Football League then why would a bunch of ex-Raiders fans?

Exactly. They didn’t buy the AAF either, and the XFL has been a crap-shoot. Put the effort into Montreal, Toronto and possibly Halifax.

Ship has come and gone…ain’t gonna happen. Too many obstacles like $$, player ratio, etc,etc.