Quebec Alouettes?

Just wondering, did the Montreal squad get sold after all?
It looks like the board of governors approved the sale prior to due diligence blah, blah blah.
Also, something is reported about a potential name change to he Quebec Allouettes.
I hope we can keep this team in our league despite some stormy waters.
Has anybody heard or read anything else about our divisional rival?

I read that the investor/entrepeneur Vincenzo Guzzo was interested in buying the Als with a 50% stake in ownership and 25% a piece for the other two investors.

He proposes hiring Quebecers as GM and Coach as well as changing the name to the Quebec Alouettes.

Sounds like a similar idea to what the Montreal Canadiens employ. A francophone front office might help certain fans relate to the team somewhat better.

Sale is on hold:

This isn't great, Al's now under leauge ownership:

Or perhaps I should have said the “CFL Alouettes”

Funny how the support disappears after dominance ends. Where’s the versatility and loyalty of that fan base?

Montreal has long been known as a city that only supports winners. Maybe that’s why the Canadiens consistently strive to compete, if not dominate.

So-so baseball teams eventually did in the Expos, and has once before doomed the Alouettes, and whatever their replacement was called. It was really the Baltimore Stallions coming north that re-established the Alouettes.

Toronto seems to be the opposite. They love their losers, but go wild during the rare winning seasons. After the Jays, TFC and the Argos claimed championships, the fans disappeared. It will be interesting to see what happens with the Raptors in a year or two?

That is true.

I wish our team had some dominance.

That would be a nice change… we could be looking at the start of a run this year…

A bit of a twitter war today between@Guzzo_Vincenzoand@dmaccoachregarding what led to their falling out. It sounds like the prospective owner wanted his chosen GM to hire Laval's Constantin as HC and Western's Greg Marshall as O-Coordinator and put a heavy emphasis on signing Quebec players.

Greg Marshall? I remember that guy.

  1. Wow, The Als go from being the model franchise in the CFL just a few years ago, to this

mess of a franchise now !!

At this point, exactly how long can Kavis Reed hold onto his job ?? :-[ ::slight_smile:
His firing is long over due !!

The Als being healthy with stable ownership is good for the CFL. Every team being stable helps every other team.

Get this sorted, Ambrosie!

I personally was a bit skeptical of these Older Veteran NFL coaches in the league over the last couple of years. Sherman had many of the same issues as June Jones in terms of understanding the differences in the Canadian game. The timing is terrible , but the team will be better for it, either immediately or eventually. If the reports of a team revolt are even partly true , them the team is better off now.

And somewhere in the GTA, Jim Popp is instinctively feeling that it should be him stepping in as interim HC, like so many times before.

Just reading about the Mike Sherman firing.

This team is in absolute shambles. :o

NO ownership
NO head coach
NO competent GM
NO fans

This should at least make sure that the Cats get into the playoffs. ;D

Just wondering if there is any players we might be interested in when they have the dispersal draft at the end of the year after Montreal folds once again . :o

Maybe they can move lock, stock, and barrel to Halifax? Or Baltimore ;)? Kidding, I’m just kidding about that last one.

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