The QBS need to start throwing the ball more to GEROY SIMON, he has lots of speed and talent, and most plays he is open but is usually goes to jackson or someone else, like on the replays he is open, then the QB throws to someone else, and Simon gets mad because he was open, and it makes him really mad when he is open but the QB throws somewere else and it is a incomplete pass.

Hey it looks easy on TV. Replay always show what players missed. Try and play QB with 23 other guys on the field at full speed, and have a couple of guys chase you out of the pocket and see how many players you missed that were wide open.

I don't agree...I think that it's much more effective when the opposition doesn't know WHO our QB is going to. And when they start going to Geroy all the time, he ends up in double coverage and we risk getting picked off more. I like having several options - last game both Geroy and Logan caught for over 100 yards each. And we had Jackson/Skillern, who each had 60 yards. Throw in Clermont, who averaged 10/yards reception and Hill who had a couple and it makes it hard to know where the ball's going.

I was totally satisfied with our throwing game...we had 38 receptions for over 400 yards. Nothing wrong with that.

And, after checking the stats - we only had 10 incomplete passes all game. So there really isn't an issue here at all.

Jackson needs to learn to throw with more touch if he is ever going to be great. I like Buck personally for the job and think he is the future.

JJ throws everything - even short dumps like they are an ICBM, leading to too many balls bouncing off jerseys or receivers' hands.

Buck's our guy and he's showing us why.

(Hey, I'm a poet and I don't even know it)

BigDog hit the nail on the head, the difference in touch in very obvious. I noticed Buck looking off alot of DBs as well. He adjusts to the tempo of each play very well, whether he is being rushed or having all day. Two nice games in a row is nice to see.

I have season tickets on the first row in the end zone and Geroy is almost always doubled team. Safety cheats and shades him. Have to choose pass wisely or make them pay with other receivers until they stop. Or maybe move him to wide out more?

BUCK is the man. In the last 2 games that Buck has started the BC offense has begun to click. Sorry, but Jarious is ONLY a BACKUP and nothing more. With Buck at the helm the Lions have a chance to make a long playoff run and hopefully host a playoff game.

Buck has won # 1 spot , but we need to win a few games in a row here before we get all gushy .They could start by beating the top teams instead of the weak Eastern ones.If we get the running game rolling again we can really open it up.

Great point. The Lions are where they are because they are 1-4 against the West this year. That trend has change over the next 2 weeks or they are headed for the crossover game.

I do think Wally fell into the Jarious trap and that's his ability to throw a 50-yard td pass at any given time despite so many 2 and out possessions. If Buck was healthy and ready to go, the change should have been made sooner, probably after the 2nd half collapse at Commonwealth in early August when he threw a brutal INT that changed the momentum of that game.