No doubt Glenn at #1 and Cato #2. And Cato I think is close to #1. He is such a different presence this year. Seems so joyful and enthusiastic this year. He seems to have bought in.

I just haven't seen enough of Bridge to think he should be #3.

Given the investment in Adams I'd actually hate to see him languish for a year in the IR. I just don't see how a player can develop if he doesn't get practice reps.

I would like to see him at #3.

Which brings us to the short yardage , 3rd down sneaks.

The league is a copy cat league. Somewhere along the line it became popular to have a big QB down in the depth chart handle these. Then everyone started to copy.

Then Calgary used Drew Tate on these and he's a small guy who had great success in the sneak.
It's not like great height is important in these plays. In fact one could argue that shorter and smart is a key.

And I'd argue that being a QB is essential here. No CFL QB is used to taking a snap under centre at all anymore. And we sure are not seeing the threat of a throw on these plays.

Some day a player will emerge as a specialist on these who plays another position normally. One who perhaps has past experience at QB. Graves was a QB, Loucks was one. Heck so was Nik Lewis back in high school.

I would install Adams as #3. He may actually be great at sneaks too. He may be short. But he's not small.

And following Chris Jones' lead with Jordan Lynch I'd develop a small series of plays to run with Adams this year along with the short yardage stuff.

I agree cato looks to be headed to number 1 . I still haven't quite figured out why teams don't just give it to a big back on short yardage . A qb sneak is occasionally effective but every time . That being said vernon is extremely effective in short yardage but more so if he's in shotgun.

I'm back after a long absence!

I agree that Cato appears to be the very near future, but I find that having KG starting provides us with the best chance of winning games early in the year.

Cato is capable of doing things that KG can't even dream of, however his ability to read defences, go through his reads and maintain his composure under pressure is still in the developmental stage.

Bridge, Adams, and Boyd......at this point Boyd looks the most vulnerable.

Oh well, having 5 QB s on the roster isn't the worst thing..... Is it?

Great posts :thup:

Cato is exactly where a second year qb should be.

I have no doubt Adams was acquired to take Caro's spot. But Cato attitude and progression makes this moot right now. Bridge sits at 3.

Unfortunately for Bridge a lot of his preseason game reps have gone to Adams.

Als are going to keep all four until something changes. Long term I don't think there will be room on this team for three qb at a similar stage of their career. But there is no rush to make a move here. All these young guys will have to compete with each other. Which will make them all better.

As for KG. I didn't think he hd a good game. Yes his receivers dropped balls but Kevin's accuracy was very poor. Some throws were down right dangerous. They have to fix these throws behind receivers quickly

I though glenn looked rusty . He had some drops but missed big and forced a few.what concerns me is it was against second string. Cato and adams in my eyes are the future which is may be why vernon has been taking some reps away from other guys. Bridge will stay and Boyd will be down the road.

Bridge only attempted 3 passes in the pre-season. That tied the two CIS QB's and is only more than Tajh Boyd and Kyle Graves who each threw 1 pass. Not enough in my opinion considering Bridge is expected to make the active roster. Could he instead be on the bubble???

He could definitely be. Just observation and opinion on my part. I just belive Boyd is the guy to go.

Not clear to me why Boyd was doing the QB sneaks yesterday evening, if he's on his way out, because Bridge really can use the practice.

I'm not sure either. Maybe they will keep both or maybe it was Boyds chance to prove himself. Idk

Started by Slant, I just discovered a really good serious subject on the most important topic at this time. I agree that Glen has to be the starter but, his performance in the first Q last evening was poor. It finally took a super play by the best receiver we have Carter, who has speed and presents with an amazing ability to get the higher thrown FBs. Last evening TSN, before game time, showed highlights of Cato's play last season. I would rate Cato as superb in this high light. Finally in Q3, Cato was injected into the game and, his play was exactly similar to what he showed in these earlier films. He has an extremely accurate touch on his throwing and, quickly served up his TD pass. Just before he entered the game I was quite frustrated by Glen's ability. I was hoping Glen would be gone at the end of Q2. For certain Cato looks like the best of the bunch. With Glen gone after the first half, we would have had additional time to give the second half entirely to the younger QBs. I would have preferred that Bridge, Cato, Bridge and Adams should have the entire second half to give us their best. I can't remember Bridge playing at all but, someone said that he did play. I guess I must have gone for a coffee during that brief time. Had Glen not played in the 2nd half, Bridge would have had a real opportunity..
Cato demonstrated that he also is an accomplished runner. Thinking of his stature, we should let our backs do the running although, I recall last night he did go sideline to pass/throw but, wound up out of the field before the Argos touched him. He wisely threw a ball into the stands which showed some learning from last season. Boyd lived up to his reputation and demonstrated wildness missing his receiver by yards. However I liked his third and one situations, he has the build and the strength for this. Will Bridge show us better than last season when, he was, a couple of times stopped on this play?I do hope our coaching staff will focus on this with Bridge. Perhaps his place as QB3 will be determined by his ability in this situation.

Kevin Glenn did leave before halftime. Cato came in the 2nd quarter and then started the third. Bridge was inserted into the game after Boyd which was under 2 minutes remaining in the game.

Cato can gain yards when there is no defender around him, but I would not label him as a mobile quarterback. To use the wrestling term, Cato "does not want to take a bump."

Of glenn and Cato, cato definitely is most talented but as a second year players think he needs more time behind glenn. I believe he will be the starter before year end even without a glenn injury.haven't seen bridge enough but is definitely the biggest of the qbs and should be the short yardage guy

I do hope that Cato will get game experience. I don't want another experience like we had with McPherson where a promising QB road the bench. I would like to see Cato given real experience through out the season. Too bad I missed Bridge. Just before game ending I had enough and turned off. Still a minute or two was insufficient re decent playing time.

If they are truly going to develop cato he needs live reps every game. Even if it's just a series or two. Bridge didn't look good but in his defense he had to deal with bad snaps and poor blocking

Cato has already started 10 games as a rookie. That is not quite the same as when Adrian McPherson played in Montreal.

Kevin Glenn was brought in for his experience. But just as importantly, he was brought in to be a mentor to the young QB's on the roster. Al are just hoping that they learn from him & one of them will step up and eventually be the future.

With his experience sounds like the man for the job.vernon seems to really like him so hopefully the young guys listen and learn.

Cato is already so much further along than McPherson ever was. Kid has got so much upside. Also, his mustache is just an exceptional throwback. We need more mustaches like that in the world.

Even last season, IMO, Cato showed more potential than McPherson ever did. I loved his physical skills but AM never looked settled in the pocket, and he played with better teams than Cato had last season.

And not just mop-up time. Prepare a package that plays to Cato's strengths and use him as a change of pace option throughout the game as appropriate.

He handed the ball off VERY well. I find myself all over the place on Bridge. Looked decent in the season finale but it was a "darn, I still can't go home and play golf, 'cuz then they won't pay me" game. His often futile efforts on short yardage are a concern. He didn't seem to make the same effort that McPherson and march did and didn't improve at all as the season progressed; is it that he can't do it (and if so why) or doesn't want to?

I'm not a Bridge fan. I think the coaches like him because of his size and frame, but I don't think he has much, if any future in the CFL. And the fact that he can't execute QB sneaks with any consistency speaks volumes about his commitment. If it were me, I'd cut Bridge and go Glenn-Cato-Boyd, with Adams stashed on the LTIR. Boyd has at least shown that he can execute the short-yardage package.