Currently the Edmonton Eskimos have:
Matt Nichols, Kerry Joseph, Steven Jyles & Jeremiah Masoli on their roster.

Lets here your thoughts on the postion!

My quick thoughts:
Matt Nichols, lets hope his leg injury isnt serious. I hope he is okay for 2013. Should be the starter.
Kerry Joseph, retirement.
Steven Jyles, released.
Jeremiah Masoli, development season in 2013. 3rd stringer.

Lets say Joseph & Jyles are out. Who's in? Lets here your thoughts!

If the Montreal Alouettes were to not offer QB Adrian McPherson a contract, or he walks to become a free agent (i would if i were him), the Edmonton Eskimos should (imo) go after him and sign him. McPherson brings much more then just passing to the Edmonton Eskimos offence. He can run the WildCat formation better then ANY current CFL QB. He is also the best QB in the league who can run the ball. Now i know alot of people think he's no good (all of a sudden) because he didnt really light it up in his only start at QB in 2012. So what. Thats one game. Bring him in, create an offence around him and allow him to use his feet to his advantage. The Lions backup QB Mike Rielly would be the 2nd best option.

Having a 1-2 punch in Nichols/McPherson or Rielly would give Edmonton much needed depth at the postion. One they have not had since Ray/Mass. Nichols would likely be the starter going forward in 2013, but it sure wouldnt hurt to have McPherson/Rielly in your back pocket incase of any setback. Im not saying Nichols/McPherson or Rielly would be as good as the 1-2 punch of Ray/Mass. Time would tell.

Another interesting story is Kevin Glenn in Calgary. With him benched after a 10-6 season, he may want to try his luck elsewhere. Now of course a return to Winnipeg seems right (i just dont see it though). But if you lose out on McPherson & then Rielly, Glenn would certainly be an upgrade from Kerry Joseph as the backup. Quinton Porter (Ticats backup QB), is also a free agent. I would have NO interest in him.

Please. . . there's a significant difference between the words "then' and "than."

McPherson, Reilly, or Mitchell

Never was a big fan of Kevin Glenn, and with our O-line I doubt he would be any better then Joseph. i do however like McPherson he has good legs and a strong arm . But we are in a bigger need of a good Offensive coordinator then get a quarterback that would fit within his system.

This is to who ever is saying Matt Nichols is the next Buck Pierce in Edmonton...

Im sorry, but lets see ANY CFL QB take that hit from Greg Peach and get up! Or the ankle roll Nichols took vs the Argos. Any QB in ANY league would have gotten hurt! The guy is not injury prone. To suggest that this early in here career is just stupid!

With the first step to the future at QB at hand today with Jyles gone, it's time to restart this thread in the team forum.

C'mon Adrian!

Steven Jyles is released. Thats a breath of fresh air for us. Now we need to sign Reilly or McPherson. From previous posts I have always stated Reilly is better, and would rather see him here. Or we can cut puny Masoli and bring in both :lol:

Ok.. thats highly improbably but my vote is Nichols and Reilly duking it out for the #1 spot!

Either way McPherson or Reilly we win and will be in better shape than last year with Jyles on the way. And no let's keep Masoli though with more improvement perhaps another team will make the Eskimos a trade offer they can't refuse.

I figure it's so quiet now because Reilly is still being examined by the Jaguars if not others, and McPherson's people are working to negotiating a deal for him as the starter going into camp.

I highly doubt McPherson will go forward if he's going to be told that he'll only compete for the job with Nichols.

Also I am confident he'll show 'em up well in an intense and detailed workout as I am sure he's been through countless times since his days before the NFL draft after Florida State when he was still quite raw as a passer from the perspective of pro football.

I'm also glad that Jyles was released, but I'd also like to see them release Joseph. He's just taking up a spot on the roster and costing the team money. Cut him loose. :thup: :thup:

BC fan here--- Reilly is an excellent QB-- I actually think as a passer he is much more POLISHED than LULAY- this dude can throw the ball--

This is the guy to pick for EDMONTON.

Hence why i want him here rather than McPherson. Reilly has less of a chance of being a bust

I know alot of people say Mike Reilly is the next franchise QB in the CFL. But i just dont see it right now. I can see him becoming a good starting QB, but id rather have Adrian McPherson (if i was the Edmonton Eskimos). Running the spread offence under Doug Sams would be a GREAT situation for McPherson to use his legs to open up the field. With the 49ers in the Superbowl because of a running style QB, that could impact the thought process of Edmonton to go after McPherson. It may not (different league) but its hard to ignore the success of that offence. I think Edmonton would be foolish to spend alot of money on Reilly when they have Nichols. Reilly will likely cost more money on the free agent market then McPherson ($80K-$100K more). So saving a bit of money and having a great option next to Nichols is the best option this season for Edmonton. But getting one of the two is an improvement from last season.

Mike Reilly's rights have been traded to the Edmonton Eskimos for a conditional draft pick.

Solid move by the Edmonton Eskimos. Looks like Kerry Joseph will also be gone, as Doug Sams said on the Jason Gregor show that he'd rather have 3 young QB's then a 10 year vet for a 3rd stringer.

Look for Kerry Joseph to be offered a position on the coaching staff.
Kavis Reed has a ton of respect for him.

There is respect there, but i doubt it this year. If Marcus Crandell is let go then ok. But i think Joseph wants another year as a QB. If Tillman does go to the Ti-Cats... he may end up in Hamilton as a backup to Burris.