At this point, the Lions have six QBs on the roster. In addition to Lulay and Jackson, the other four are:

Kevin Riley
Corey Leonard
Mike Reilly
Matt Johnson

Now, it seems to me that having 6 QBs in camp is rather unwieldy. With short training camps and only 2 pre-season games, there is not enough time available for all 6 to get in meaningful reps and thus not enough reps to allow the coaching staff to make an informed decision regarding who to keep and who to cut loose.

So my guess is that of the 4 new guys, 2 won't make it out of rookie camp to the main camp; by the time of the main camp my opinion is that a team should have no more than 4 QBs on the roster, for reasons aforesaid.

I know nothing of these 4 new guys, what do you Lions fans know ?

Well I guess either no one knows anything in particular about these guys, or everyone on the west coast is focused on the Stanley Cup final . . .

I know nothing about them, nor am I fixated on the Stanley Cup. There's only one cup that matters to me and it's in November!

Well I'm pretty much with you there, Grims.

Sorry MadJack, but only Reilly was with the team last year and he joined in July - so none of these guys have even played in a preseason game. Unless anybody out there happens to follow US college football, I don't think you'll get much of an impression from these guys.

As far as how many will make it, I could see the Lions taking five to main camp, but I agree with you, not six.

i was hopeing lefors would show up. oh well. maybe you will get lucky and printers will get a late invite.

Not sure the strategy behind 6 QBs at camp either. Wally has always pooh-poohed the notion of having more than 4 QBs. Heck, even 4 is a lot for him (especially already having 3 solid QBs in Lulay, Jackson and Reilly). I would imagine only 4 will be brought to the main camp.

Obviously hard for us to comment as no one has seen them. I know this much about each for the 3 new signings:

Kevin Riley - A late signing (note - we also have QB "Mike Reilly" in camp who's back for his 2nd full year). I'm guessing the highest rated of the 3 as he played for Cal Bears. I believe he was on the radar of NFL scouts until he injured a knee. Good size.

Matt Johnson - drew Damon Allen comparisons when he was signed. Came from smaller program (Bethune Cookman - a predominantly black college in Florida), but very athletic, undersized (5"11).

Corey Leonard - physically resembles Travis Lulay with the red hair. A standout at a smaller school (Arkansas State). Athletic, not overly big, but fast.

Sine Mike Reilly was here last year I expect his greater familiarity with Buono's system will give him the advantage over the three rookee QBs. Buono has a long history of developing good quarterbacks that are well suited th the Canadian game. So it'll be interesting to see who shines enough to mak the team. One of those three orookees will surely make the team, but not the 40-man active roster.

But in the CFL you never know, do you? Remember the year when Casey Printers went from third to second to first in a short time, due to injuries to Jarius Jackson and then to Dave Dickenson?

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy: