quarterbacks coach

I think that the riders should get a retired q.b. to coach the q.b.'s the same as montreal is doing with jeff Garcia, he could help our young guys and darian when he gets backs. it seems to be working in montreal and Calgary. perhaps matt dunnigan is available.

This has been discussed a fair amount on here, and I think most agree. Dunnigan won’t drop his TSN gig for it…no way, OC job at minimum, and that’s a stretch.

Kerry Joseph will be the QB coach next year.

:thup: It makes perfect sense after the season is over to give the qb coaching spot to him. Durant and him get along very well and in my mind its a no brainer.
[url=http://650.greenzonefootball.com/story/video-kerry-joseph-ready-chapter-after-riders/459611]http://650.greenzonefootball.com/story/ ... ers/459611[/url]
Some hope there might be an opportunity for Joseph here in Saskatchewan. Earlier this week, Darian Durant suggested that he would prefer to have a separate quarterback coach from the offensive coordinator, unlike this past season where George Cortez handled both duties.

"(Durant) has thrown some hints of at me. If I have the opportunity and the opportunity was right to work with (Durant), I wouldn't hesitate," said Joseph.

just look at the teams that keep winning. Calgary quarterback head coach, offensive co ordinate q,b, Hamilton head coach quarterback and o.c. monteal's improvement on offense jeff garcia???? seems to make sense

in fairness, the whole QB coach position is still relatively new to the CFL as the teams didn't have the finances to fill this historically. There have been QB coaches here and there, but it is really only in the past half dozen years there has been any consistency of the role.

yes your right, to bad there wasn't more money in the cfl, but I guess that's why it survived so long.

Just having a former veteran CFL QB on the staff would do the trick. Cortez was not a CFL QB. Its kind of an exclusive club so if you have one as HC, OC, or anywhere helps alot as seen.
I am guessing in Ottawa that Hank and the RBs have already talked about the future plans. Why else would he have moved his whole family to Ottawa.
I hate to even bring it up but they will still be no better for the worse with a back up QB next year. Kevin Glenn could move into that role. He will not win a Grey Cup as a starter but can win some games during the season and could move into a coaching role down the line.

what about marcuss crandell, as q.b. coach. I thought him and Durant worked well together a few years ago.

The only way Joseph isn't back as QB coach is if he gets an offer in the NFL, which he might from the Saints.