Quarterbacks and Grey Cup wins

Ricky Ray's fourth Grey Cup win as a starter was one of the top stories of this year's game. He now stands alone among CFL QB's on that key stat. His past record in Grey Cups - never losing one after his rookie season - was one of the key reasons I wasn't counting Toronto out of the game. I'm not sure he'd be any less of a QB if the 109-yard fumble return had never happened, but no one will care about that when they talk about Ray in years to come.

I think they showed a list on TSN of the multiple players who had been tied at three, but I didn't see all the names. But here's a few thoughts on the others.

Anthony Calvillo is 3-5 in Grey Cups and takes a lot of heat for the losses. But I don't think that should take away from his wins. We've seen in many Grey Cups - including this year's and some that AC played in - how close the games can be, and how they can turn on plays that had nothing to do with the winning QB. For me, Calvillo is part of a two-man discussion on the best QB so far in this century, along with Ray. (Sorry Hank.)

Damon Allen: Before last week I always considered Allen to be a 4-time Grey Cup winning QB. Apparently 1987 didn't count because he didn't start the game. All he did was replace an injured Dunigan in the second quarter with his team down by two TDs, and engineer the comeback win. I guess that's less impressive than a start.

Doug Flutie: hard to believe he only got three wins. No QB has ever been so dominant, so consistently, for so many years (even though he only played 8 seasons here).

Warren Moon: A lot of people seem to give Moon credit for five Grey Cup wins, conveniently ignoring the fact that he was not Edmonton's starting QB in 1978 or 1979. That doesn't make him less of a player, but assuming it was all about Moon does take some credit away from the next guy ...

Tom Wilkinson: I believe he gets credit as the starter in Grey Cup wins in 1975, 78 and 79. I know he also played through to 1981. I don't really remember him though.

As for the others ... Can someone help me out with the other starting QBs on the three-ring list? I'm thinking Jackie Parker ...

They did show them on TSN Sportscenter, but can’t remember them offhand... I can tell the first Rider QB that wins 2 GCs for the green & White is a gauranteed legend in Riderville, and the next Premier of the province lol

As per the 2017 Facts, Figures, and Records Guide:

(4) Ricky Ray
(3) Anthony Calvillo
(3) Damon Allen
(3) Doug Flutie
(3) Warren Moon
(3) Tom Wilkinson
(3) Russ Jackson
(3) Bernie Faloney
(3) Ken Ploen

This was an amazing statistic when I first heard it. I thought for sure Ken Ploen or Warren Moon had started more.

Mind you, this probably doesn't include teams from before the 1950s, but it's impressive nonetheless.

Ploen should easily have 4 GC rings. He actually has 4 rings - but his 1958 ring was earned as a defensive back. Jim Van Pelt was the Bomber QB as Ploen was damaged earlier in the season and couldn't throw the ball more than a few yards.

Ploen appeared in another Grey Cup game - 1965 - so he had a chance at a 4th (or 5th) ring - but the rapidly ageing bombers succumbed to a half-decent Ticat side 22-16; coach Bud Grant decided to take 3 safeties when severe wind conditions made it impossible to kick the ball more than 10 or 12 yds downfield. Note: In 1965, you didn't have to give up the football via kickoff. You actually gave up 2 points but unbelievably were given the football back at your own 25 yd line.

Bomber offense in 1965 just couldn't move the ball against a stubborn Hamilton defense - and the bomber defense, still the heart 'n soul of their squad was broken for 16 real points by the Ticats. That was probably double by what most prognosticators expected. It was an incredibly frustrating game for bomber fans to watch - as the bombers faded in the next couple years with Ploen retiring at only 32 in 1967, Leo Lewis our great running back and utility player broke down and Bud Grant plucked by the NFL as the Vikings next head coach. Also, monsters like Herb Grey, Frank Rigney, Farrell Funston & Ernie Pitts began their declines.

The bomber organization (a group of misfit businessmen, psychopaths and boot-shiners) were so ill-prepared by the loss on players, coaches, etc. that they didn't get back to the Grey Cup until 1984 (19 yrs).

Same thing happened btw after 1990 (the last bomber GC win). We thought 19 yrs was bad. Now its 28 and counting!

Just a small note: Warren Moon and Damon Allen did don't start but played a major part in winning Grey Cups. Allen in 1987 and Moon in 1979.

Moon came off the bench in the second quarter. In the third quarter Edmonton down 9- 7 to Al's. Moon through a strike to Tommy Scott for a 33 yard TD. Later in the third Moon moved offense down field and Dace Cutler connected on a field goal. Score 19 to 7 . No scoring in 4th quarter.

Moon only player inducted into the CFL AND NFL hall of fame.

Also worth noting…Moon and Flutie had their CFL careers cut short by moves to the NFL. I would have to think that if they both stayed a few more years they both would have notched one or two more…

Good thread, and good info here!

Thanks themuck good comments but a little off.

Warren Moon played 3 years as QB for Washington state Huskies as one of the leagues best passers.
For reason we will all know the NFL past on him in the spring draft. Warren signed and played with the Edmonton Eskimos for 6 years then moved on to Houston with Hugh Campbell for a NFL run.
Here are the teams he played for and years in NFL.

Totals are!!!! 6 years in CFL then 17 years in NFL totaling 23 years.
Moon retired at 44 here are a few stats


Moon was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006, becoming the first African-American quarterback and the first undrafted quarterback to receive the honor

And yes he's career was cut short!! Could of played until he was 50
Which Other CFL QB has that RESUME!!!!!!!!! NO ONE!!!!!!!!!


And there is MR Doug Flutie

[tr][td][th]Career history[/th]

[tr][td][th]Career highlights and awards[/th]



CFL records

  • 6,619 passing yards, season
  • 48 passing touchdowns, season


Totaling 20 year career. Not to bad for a short career??
Could have played another 3 years

What if someone wins a Grey Cup as a QB, and then later wins another one as head coach? What reward would be bestowed on such a mythical creature?

LOL !!! Ladies and gentlemen may I introduce.........The next Premier of the province of Saskatchewan !!!! 8)


I was talking strictly as a QB... but hey, split all the hairs you want... Kent didn't exactly endear himself to the fans when he left as a player, nor when he went south to coach. Many felt he should have honoured the contract he signed to coach the team.