Quarterback Win-Loss record

The league and TSN have done a great job with uncovering statistics on win-loss records by starting quarterbacks as highlighted by Kevin Glenn and Ricky Ray reaching the 100-win marks recently. They also have been finding info on starting stats by Canadian quarterbacks as it relates to Brandon Bridge.

However, after watching the Toronto-Saskatchewan game, it makes me wonder if we should re-evaluate how we measure wins and losses by quarterbacks. Kevin Glenn was pulled in the game early and the Riders won the game because of Brandon Bridge. Glenn gets the win though as the starter.

Chris Jones had a great analogy saying that in baseball, if your starting pitcher has a rough start, he gets pulled for a reliever, but he's still a starting pitcher. It got me thinking, should we be counting "wins" for quarterbacks like they do in baseball for pitchers? If a quarterback gets pulled from a game when their team is down and the back up QB ends up winning the game, the backup should get the "win." Thoughts?

A starting pitcher in baseball has to log 5 innings and have the lead to be in line for the win... so how do you translate that to football? If he is leading at the half? The only way a pitcher is involved in the decision for less than 5 innings is if he has a bad outing and the opponent hits him hard, and leaves the game being tagged for a bunch of runs... I would say that a QB would have to be involved for at least a half to be involved in the decision.

I don't think that Jones meant it in that fashion...simply comparing it to baseball and the fact that when your key guy, the pitcher, struggles it is natural to change it up and he sees football the same...something I have always agreed with. I have always felt you want QBs and RBs to be somewhat different from each other. RBs you want a shifty guy and a power back. QBs you ideally want all guys that can pass from the pocket but you want one of the 3 to be more comfortable moving the pocket (Bridge) as opposed to a straight drop (Glenn) and a 3rd who is pretty mobile (both Adams and Williams)