Quarterback throwing ahead of line of scrimmage.

There were 3 times in the last 2 games that I was sure that the QB was ahead of the LOS when he passed and it wasn't called. Do they not have an official that stays on the LOS to watch for this?

What was also frustrating was that on all three plays they showed a replay of the catch but not the throw.

i have not payed to much attention to this but at least a half dozen times over the last year or two when im watching games with my old man he'l get up and yell at the tv "he's over the line!!!" even at live games from our sideline seats he said he noticed a few times... cant really say forsure based on the angles and perspective we get... so i give the benefit of the doubt to the onfield officials.. but it does make you wonder sometimes...

even if it isnt called every now and then other calls are missed to it happens... i dont think a half yard over the line really affects the play that much anyways imo...

Like every missed infraction, I realize that the refs are human but certain calls should be fairly easy and this is one that IMO falls under the easy category and some have not even been close. In one Grey Cup game Doug Flutie threw a pass when he was at least 3 yards past the LOS, that one was picked up by the television crew however and they showed it clearly on the replay. I kind of wonder whether TSN has been asked not to highlight officials mistakes and that is why they don't seem to show a replay on close calls. Nontheless it is a lot easier to accept when the calls go for your team than the other way around. However one of the plays I question was in the Toronto BC game and so I was a neutral observer. Second and long in the fourth quarter and it sustained a scoring drive, it appeared Jackson was at least a yard past.

That penalty does get called, I think it was called against Ricky Ray a couple of games ago. I know its definitely been called atleast once this season. I also had the thought that Jarious Jackson was across the line of scrimmage on one of his passes last night. But its tough to tell sometimes on tv because the camera isn't on the line of scrimmage so you have to rely on the officials who are on the field to be calling that one.

Which is why I wish that they would show the replay of the entire play, not just the catch. I know watching on TV I have been wrong at least once(I could have been mistaken) and I would have liked to have seen the replay to confirm what I thought I saw.

Come on, now, cfleskfan. Toronto/BC? You were about as neutral as I was. :wink:
Seriously, though, I think you might be right, and I would have liked to have seen the replay of the throw as well. But when the announcers didn't even mention that he was close, or may have been over the line, I just thought maybe I had lost track of where the line was. That's why a replay would have been nice.

You can watch a replay of the play in question on TSN broadband . I watched it a few times over stopping it just when he threw . Watching it live I too thought JJ was over , but seeing it carefully several times you can see he was not . Sometimes TV can be misleading and in this case it was . No one commentators or members of the Argos or refs showed any sign of thinking JJ was over. LOS was about the 47.5 yd line JJ's planted foot was about the 47.25 yd line . His other foot that went over was up in the air , ball was behind his leading foot .

I think that sometimes there is a bit of an optical illusion that happens - especially when working out of the shotgun, it looks like the QB is moving way forward, when he is really just coming close to the LOS from a lot further back than if he would have taken the snap from beneath the Center. Don't recall if JJ was in the shotgun, he does use it quite bit.

I will say I watched that game and expected to see a flag on the play for illegal forward pass.

Precisely why I wish that when showing replays, they show the entire play not just the catch. At full speed he definately looked over. Anyways I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought he might be over the line on the play. Now I'll take another look at HB & RR.

I, too, thought JJ was over the line of scrimmage but I do agree that TV can be somewhat misleading because in almost every game, I think alot of the receivers are offside before the ball is snapped but it never seems to get called.

It's funny you brought this up, I have only been watching CFL games for a few weeks (love them by the way), but there have been a few times when I though the QB was over the line, and by quite a bit, when he made a throw. I have never seen it called and was beginning to think the rules are different in the CFL.

They definitely need to put a ref. on the line to watch - or need to implement a camera or something and make those plays challengeable.