Quarterback thoughts

I know last night was the first game of the season but I was just wondering if once again the Ti-Cats are going to have another issue with their quarterback situation. The team is carrying 4 quarterbacks and for the majority of the game Printers played. And when he was playing he made some major mistakes (i.e. the showboating penalty) I know that the CFL was clear on its rules this season for showboating outside the end zone and Printers is no rookie and should've known better than to throw away a great play with a stupid move like that. When the score made it clear that a win was out of reach it would've been nice to make use of some of the other talented quarterbacks like Williams and Porter earlier in the game and perhaps just maybe the score might have read differently.

First off williams did play.! And Casey is fine.as a coach i’ll take that penalty if that what it takes to pump up my team. Casey is going to do great thing this year trust me.

Both QB Where fine..


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How many times do we have to have this debate?

^^^^ about what? Agendas?

Yeap, Printers knows better, but he was trying to pump this team up. Man, this kid is good and he wants to WIN.....

The only QB controversy should be who is to take the plunge on 3rd and 1, other than that Casey is the undisputed starter.

I think the reason he got the penalty was because he spiked the ball in the direction of the al's bench so it could have been taunting , i thinkif he was in front of his bench or on the other side of the stadium there would have been no penalty.

Please, Casey played really well. The penalty he got for taunting was unfortunate and even the TSN crew thought it was a ridiculous and unfortunate call, and they are usually ready to jump all over Casey and the ticats. Casey is NOT a problem right now. Yes, he had one fumbled snap, but really, that's the only mistake you could really put on him. Mitchell dropped two passes right in his hands and fumbled one ball as well. Mitchell single handledly stopped three of our drives. Casey could really only be blamed for stopping one of our drives.

Casey was better then fine. Tell me one thing Casey gets the penalty for spikeing the ball but Geroy Simon did the same thing and he was on the Stamps sideline when he did it? Double standard? Maybe, but can for one year can we stop the b1tching about the QB? that is the least of our worries.

Just think its hilarious that after the Eakin/Maas/Brady era we'd be all over Printers...

Who the hell do you people want then?

I think if the rest of the team was up to snuff, Printers can get it done. No way is he anywhere near the worse in the league. He just is NOT the second coming of Flutie, as many would like to beleive.

FootbalYouBet, no one has ever said CP is the second coming of anyone. Why don’t you get over your crush on Printers…Damn Man, let’s talk football. CP is a playmaker, just like me, and anybody that has ever watched this man Play can not dispute this.

From what I recall Printer threw for a first down after that bogus penalty…put down your Hateraid and watch the damn game!

I do smell an agenda that honestly is just as silly as the ref’s penalty called.
At least wait until CP has a bad game…nobody is perfect.

Hate On Dude!