Quarterback switching

I am happy the cats won the game. But what bugged me the most is 3 times we had first and goal from around the 5 yd line and MB puts Porter in on 1st down. He failed on all 3 attempts and fortunately, KG and Medlock got points.
If KG puts a drive together and moves the team all the way down the field in my opinion, it is stupid to make a QB change at the 5 yard line. A 3rd and 1 situation is ok because you don’t want to injure your starter but on the 5 no way. You have a great drive going KG is in some sort of rythmn and then you bring in Porter cold off the bench. It kills momentum, fortunately for us KG came in on 2nd down and was able to get TD’s in 2 of 3 of these situations.
I find it frustrating every time MB does this and I think it is the wrong strategy.

Totally agree.
This pisses me off every time he puts Porter in when we need more than 2 yards. I really don't get the logic behind it, if KG was good enough to get you all the way down the field why is Porter better at getting the last 5 yards...

If I recall correctly, Thigpen's TD was with Porter in at QB. So, not all 3 attempts.

Thigpen's TD was a hand off. Regardless, if KG takes the team all the way down the field he should be finishing it off not taking a breather while the back up comes in for a play. It is dumb coaching IMO.

Porter comes in for short yardage...that's the way it should be...it keeps the "D" guessing.

Besides, we got to see Porter play and throw a pick too. :wink: He's still learning and should have "thrown the ball away".

Porter is good Runner and Can do the Boot better then glen

I have no problem with him coming in on short yardage, but first and goal from the 5 isn't short yardage.

As for the Porter pick I couldn't believe it, im not a fan of his but he had just made a nice throw and I was actually thinking he might be able to move the ball on this horrible secondary and then bam he throws it right to the Riders. I don't want to turn this into a QP thread again but this is why I don't like the guy.

Then what are you basing success and failure on?
Porter was in for 3 goal-to-go plays, 2 of which were handoffs (1 successfully for a TD) and the 3rd was a shovel pass to Cobourne.
So if the handoff that scored doesn't count as a success, why does the one that didn't score count as a failure?
The only thing he might have done differently would have been to pass to Thigpen, who was left alone as the decoy, rather than Cobourne, who was surrounded, on the shovel pass.

QP is not as good as KG so putting in a worse QB is a fail.
The last thing I wanna see is QP throw a pick in the endzone because he has no vision.

So Glenn’s equally boneheaded pass to no one at the end of the 1st quarter was ok?
Short of the almost career ending collision by 2 Sask defenders, that pass would have been pick off as well.

Glenn played well, we won and I’m glad. Porter played 6 minutes and we were leading by 30. Out there having some fun that’s all, the pic mattered not and cost the team nothing, unlike the bad pic that cost us the win in the first game.

That was a bad pass by Glenn im not saying it wasn't but it was one of his only bad passes that game.

N what are you talking about they are just out there having fun because we have a big lead? If Porter gets clean up time he should be taking every snap like he needs to march the ball and score. MacKay was also getting some time playing receiver do you think he just wanted to have fun or did he want to show the coaches what he can do?

Actually it's a great stategy. Porter, with his threat to run, is alot more dangerous because it gives the defence another problem to consider before the ball is snapped. I hope they continue to do it every time they get inside the ten yard line. If they come to an obvious passing down then they go back to Glenn which is exactly what they are doing now. Great stategy by the coaching staff.

8) Seems to work fine for Edmonton whenever they need 1-2 yds for a 1st. down, they take Ricky Ray out and let Kerry Joseph do the dirty work !!
 Why risk getting your No. 1 QB injured in a short yardage pileup, when you have a bigger, tougher stud to do it !!

You miss read what I said. I have no problem with them putting Porter in when we need 1 - 2 yards. I think its the smart thing to do, it saves Glenn for getting hurt and QP is a bigger guy so he can push for those yards.

I don’t like when they do this on the 5 yard line though.

why does this only work inside the 10 then?
From your logic QP should be the starter...

It amazes me how these threads grow. If this is KG's team then let him finish off the drives. I have already said that I see no problem bringing in QB on 2nd and 1 or 3rd and 1 or first and goal from the 1. But not on the 5 or 6 or 7 yd line if KG has driven the team down the field. It frustrates me and I don't agree with the coaches decision to do this. That's all.

It works from inside the ten because that is the time I would want a quarterback who is a threat to run in there. Lots more options available when Porter is in during that situation. There is no question that Porter is a great running quarterback, so get him in there when that option can be most effective. Anywhere else on the field I would want Glenn at quarterback.

Teams know he can run, but if they stack the line and make him throw the ball im praying it doesn't get picked... If you wanna run the ball go wildcat and put Avon, Thiggy or Williams back there.

It works better because the defence is able to keep the linebackers close to the line due to the shortened field. Adding a second or even third "running back" while at the same time not giving up the pass counters that to some extent. I also suspect that the coaches have confidence in Glenn's ability to get the five yards required on second down, so throwing Porter in on first down is like a freebie to them, and gets him some real game experience. Sure, it doesn't work every time, but neither would leaving Glenn in every time.

This ^^^^^

Glenn's mobility is far below that of Porter. When you're that deep in the red zone on first down you need all the options you can to ensure success and productivity. I like it. It shows that the coaching staff is serious about having the best chance of success on each and every play.....outside the box thinking is what keeps you sharp and gives you the best chance of success.

Porter has all the physical tools that Glenn does not have, running, arm strength, can throw a deep ball, unfortunately Porter can't read a defense as well as Glenn....if he could I believe he'd be starting...IMO.