quarterback switch

please can we start another quarterback,useless lulay :frowning: crap

You are right my friend-- LULAY should be relegated to 3rd string- He has had his shot and its clear he cannot do it in the CFL--

He is not consistent enough and his reads are way to slow----

Try out Jarious and then try MIKE REILLY-- You owe it to the fans to try every QB on the roster--

does anyone have casey printers number? for the love of god put in jerrius :lol:

You have to go through the growing pains when starting a young QB.

QB is fine to grow with. JC has to start calling some plays. that last interception lulay never looked anywhere else except sideline. bad call and execution

How about some of the recievers actually catching the damn ball. :twisted: Look at the Calgary game 10 dropped passes. Its time for Wally to do something and not wait until September. Im tired of the same plays over and over time to make a change.

Lulay looks like a confused duck during hunting season.

You want Lulay out of here but you want Cp number????? Yes since Printers did so well last year that no other team has taken him on even for a third stringer. Do you really think that Jarious would have been any better? Since we have recievers that forgot how to catch a football in the first two games we wouldn't have been 0-3

It's only three games into the season and it is his first full season as a starter. Everyone has growing pains and look at the play calls. Any quarterback can have trouble if he has no running. It also doesn't help having Chapdelaine as the offensive coordinator. Jarious Jackson is no better. Last year when he went in against I believe it was either Edmonton or Calgary he was useless. His time has past ecspecially since during free agency no one wanted him. As for Mike Reilly I'm not against giving him a chance but he's young and I've only seen him play during pre season against third and fourth stringers. If at game 10 Travis is still really struggling then either make a coaching change or a quarterback change. It's only game four this week the sky isn't falling.

Stinks of troll in here...


Even though we have mostly young receivers who haven't helped a bit yet, I can't see that Lulay is the main problem around here. We have the 9th best OC in the league and that's killing us for yet another year. I'm a big Wally fan but he either has to fire Chap or I'd be in favour of hiring a coach that will. Can Jarious call plays? He couldnt do any worse.