Quarterback salaries

just a few thoughts.

Doug Flutie got 1 million salary from Calgary, and possibly more for personal services. Exact details are hard to find, specially since he was never paid all that he was owed.

DF got 350,000 from the lions for his rookie yearalthough part of that was apersonal service contract

A internet search tells me that supposedly, Rickey Rayand Anthony Calvillo arethe highest ever at 400,000.

Who knows what Manziel is getting for his first year some 28 years after DF?

Has nobody else ever been paid more than 400,000?

Flutie's "big bucks" deal was before the current salary-cap and personal services contracts to circumvent that cap are not allowed.

Forget the rumoured numbers, but Manziel's salary is relatively modest (for some reason $120K sticks in my mind) this season and roughly doubles next season, but not "Ricky Ray money,.

Collaros makes about 425K. Printers made about 500K in Hamilton in 2007.

Yes. Several.
Reilly is at >500 with a significant front loaded bonus
Ray was there but took a cut, still was close last season.
Durant made >500 for a few seasons and 450 last season
Drew Willy was 400+ on 2 of 3 years of contract, 450 in final year
Collaros was something like 520 and was the highest in the league at the time, signed it after not taking a snap post-injury and still being under contract for 250k cheaper for the year, he is 450 or something now
Henry Burris was 500k
Nichols signed for 400/420/450 over 3

The new norm is that an established vet who has shown to be upper level is going to make 450+....400 if he sees fit to give a big discount

As for Johnny...

Manziel's CFL contract: $122k base, $10k sign bonus, $18k housing stipend, $10k if active 6 games, $10k for 10 games active. $10k for 14 games active. Another $120k if plays half of snaps. March 1 $75k offseason bonus. 2018 $202k base w/same incentives
So essentially 180 with a chance at 300k.

not for 1 sec do I question your figures, but where do you get them, I couldn't find them except for Manziel

I know the figures I gave just from being a CFL fan and following news on the league. I didn't look them up.

Different places. I hear some direct...but everything I posted in this thread was 'leaked' via the media in some fashion.

Sad state of affairs for the PA when the highest paid player back a decade ago would still be the highest paid (or at least close to it ) over a decade later despite huge increases in league revenues.

Part of that, perhaps, is that the cap is treated more seriously these days than it was back then.

I wonder how today's average and minimum salaries today compare to 10 years ago. Hopefully, they'd show a decent increase.

Still better than the joke of a situation the Argos had with Rocket. He was making 4+ million, while the guys blocking for him on punt returns were making 25-35K. Just straight up sketchy that was allowed by the CFL.