Quarterback-receivers coach?

Maybe somebody can answer this question for me? All the other teams in the CFL have either quarterback coaches, receivers coaches, or quarterback-receivers coaches, or running backs-receivers coaches, and in the case of Montreal an asst. offensive coordinator for passing and another one for running.
The Hamilton football operations list doesn’t include any of the above. Why is that? B.C. Lions have a dedicated quarterbacks coach in Steff Kruck. Is that why they seem to develop great quarterbacks all the time?
Would a dedicated quarterbacks or qback-receivers coach have helped the Ti-Cats and Maas this year? Or not? I just find it odd all the other teams in the league have these positions, but Hamilton doesn’t.

Maybe if we had a QB coach, we could blame him too!

Good point castaway, I've have said this all season long. Look at the teams that are doing good they have a qb coach or receiver/backs coach. So as a idea to management when you hire our next coach allow him the resources to hire a qb/receiver/backs coach. This in my opinion would help Jason Maas and the receivers.

We started the year with Paopao running the offence, then had Lancaster as head coach... do we really need a QB coach on a team with Ron Lancaster coaching it?

this job should be given to danny mcmanus next season

One would guess that the coaching structure will be evaluated and reorganized by Ticat GM Marcel Desjardins in consultation with the new head coach during the off-season.

That's a good point, TCTD, but I don't think that you understand we're second guessing the management structure.

Anyhow, I second the nomination of D-Mac... if he can make Eakin look good, then what could he do with Maas?

do we really need a QB coach on a team with Ron Lancaster coaching it?

First we need a QB :frowning:

You got it right. A coach can not help you if you have not got the talent in the first place

Perry Marchesse, Offensive Assistant,
was hired to do one of the jobs
that you wrote about castaway.

[quarterback coach, receivers coach,
or quarterback-receivers coach,
or running backs-receivers coach]

He himself was a Quarterback.

He is now doing most of the O.C. work.

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