Quarterback Rating

I am sure I am asking a question that has been asked before, but I am going to ask it anyway: HOW IS THE QUARTERBACK RATING TABULATED?
Thanks in advance to whomever responds to my inquiry. Go Lions!

i think it is like how many passes does a qb take before every touchdown. how many completions does he make per every 7 passes.

a bunch of crazy stuff like that


Google is a wonderful tool...that took me all of five seconds to find...pretty sure there's a better one out there...shouldn't be tough to locate...

Thanks, jm02...but your avatar betrays your loyalty...

What's your point?

It's football season!
That's all. You know, rivalries...
competition...Playoff games won...
Playoff games lost...That's my point.

Astute observation...and I've never "hid" the fact that I'm a Rider fan. I simply posted a link to help you with your question. Have a nice day.

And I appreciate that. You have a nice day, too!

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pffttt...we go back mid-August...

You don't finish until the end of June and you go back mid-August? Man, you guys have it rough in Saskatchewan. :lol:

...teachers, not students...students end earlier and start later...not like I'm much concerned...I do prep work all summer anyway...

Right. Forgot teachers head back early.

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